Canadian Thermal Solutions. Canine bed bug detection. Thermal …


Thorough. Safe. Fast. Non-toxic. Eco-friendly. Thermal Remediation is the most advanced, effective way to eradicate bed bugs.

Like most great ideas, Thermal Remediation is simple. Bed bugs are attracted to heat thats how they find their food source. Enough heat will kill bed bugs, along with mold and all other insects. Heat kills bed bugs at all their life stages eggs dont survive, so they cant hatch and cause repeat infestations. Heat is the solution.

Our bed bug sniffing dogs are trained to the same exacting standards as canines used in law enforcement, medicine, health and public safety.

Unlike a human inspection, which can take several hours and require moving furniture, a bed bug sniffing canine can cover a typical room in less than three minutes. Regular sweeps for bed bugs by trained and certified bed bug canine teams will greatly decrease the risk of population and ensure that the infestation will be found early.

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Canadian Thermal Solutions. Canine bed bug detection. Thermal …

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