Calgary-based company needs to address bed bugs, Saskatoon renters say

Tenants in apartment buildings across Saskatchewan say aCalgary-based company isn’t doing enough to address bedbug infestations and other maintenance issues.

The tenant of a west-side apartment block said the building was infested with bed bugs.

A Saskatoon tenant is speaking out about the condition of the apartment block, owned byAvenue Living, that she lives in. She doesn’t want to be identified for fear of getting evicted.

She saidher apartment building is infested with bedbugs.

“Oh my Lord, gross,” she said. “I couldn’t sleep I was so stressed and all I dreamt about was bugs.”

Last summer, she foundinsects in her bedroom and got bit.

She saidshe’s repeatedly asked Avenue Living to have the complex exterminated. Nothing has been done, she said.

Other tenants in the building face similar problems with insects. Several current and former Avenue Living tenants across the province are venting online about a lack of maintenance at some of the company’s 74 apartment buildings in Saskatchewan.

A tenant of a west-side Saskatoon apartment block shows off her bed bug bites. (Courtesy of tenant)

She said she has been trying for nine months to get Avenue Living to get rid of bed bugs in her Saskatoon apartment.

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Calgary-based company needs to address bed bugs, Saskatoon renters say

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