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Far from a figment of your childhood nightmares, bed bugs are as real as they come.

Their bite - which leaves behind red, itchy rashes - isn't for the faint hearted so it's best to acquaint yourself with warning signs.

Bedroom furniture expert at Online Bedrooms, Nic Shacklock, explained that prevention is better than cure, and it's best to get ahead of the problem.

From 'strange' smells to small white spots on your bedding, here are five signs you could have bed bugs in your home or hotel room.

Bed bugs are tiny brown insects that feed on blood, usually at night.

The troublesome critters are known to hide in places like bed frames, mattresses, clothing, furniture and even behind pictures.

A key indicator of an infestation is a musty odour whenever they are around in large numbers,Nic told the Sun..

Although hotel rooms and homes have a distinct smell, Nic advises you put your nose to the test.

He explained: 'If the bedroom area has a strong, musty and unpleasant odour this could possibly come from a bed bug's scent glands'.

If the area doesn't smell right, investigate and take action right away. You can also check the room for other signs on the list.

One sure sign you have a bed bug invasion, is the sight of clusters of tiny white spots.

Look out for the bed bug eggs which are small in size and white in colour, and can be smooth and pearly to the touch.

Although bed bug eggs can be found as single eggs, they are most often in clusters.

They are similar in size to a grain of salt and are shaped like a barrel, so when scattered across a white mattress they can be exceptionally difficult to spot.

Consider keeping your room cool as the lower the temperature, the longer it may take for an egg to hatch.

Bed bug eggs normally hatch within 10 days, so get rid of them before they hatch.

Specks of blood around your bed is one of the earliest signs your room has been invaded by bed bugs.

They are unlikely to pester you in the day time, and usually only come out when you're asleep at night.

Blood spots may appear when you inadvertently squash a bed bug by rolling around in your bed, as when this happens they release a lot of blood.

However,if the bug hasn't recently fed, you might see a yellowish-brown smear of bed bug organs instead.

Check your comforters, bedsheets and pillows for small dots or stains which are reddish-brown in colour.

Bed bug bites can be stressful and extremely itchy, but they are not known to transmit diseases.

If you fail to spot the critters lurking nearby, red marks or rashes on your body could be an indicator that they are indeed present, warns expert Nic.

He added: 'The bites will often form a straight line across a part of your body, this is a hallmark bed bug trait'.

Wash your sheets every week

Wash sheets separate to clothes and towel, spot cleaning and marks before washing. Use hot water and a hot dryer if there are mites

Duvets, comforters and throw blankets that have less contact with your skin can be washed every month or two

Pillows and doonas should be cleaned every six months and replaced every two years

Getting rid of bed bugs: As their eggs are difficult to see, and have a long incubation period it can be tricky ridding your home of a bed bug infestation

A combination of non-chemical and chemical treatments may be needed

Bed bugs can bite anywhere on the body where there is skin, especially areas exposed during sleep such as the neck, face, hands, hands and arms.

The bites can bleed for some time after the bug has finished feeding, leaving residue on your sheets.

The NHSstates that bed bug bites usually clear up on their own within a week, but to alleviate irritation try placing something cool like a clean damp cloth on the bite.

Mild steroid cream like hydrocortisone cream or antihistamines can also ease itching.

Bed bug droppings are one of the number one signs the insects are in your home.

They are usually dark brown or black in colour like black ink, and easily smear when wiped away.

Their droppings remain the same size, shape, and colour and are mostly made up of dried blood.

Check your bedsheets, mattresses, headboard and even the edge of the carpet for their droppings.

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