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What are the Signs of Bed Bugs?

Most hotel managers will tell you that they know there is a bed bug problem once a guest complains of getting bitten! However, do not expect all travel properties to be accommodating of your complaints. The very idea of bed bugs is not one that future guests want to hear about. So, oftentimes, guests will be told that their bites are sand flies or mosquitoes, instead of bed bugs.

That's exactly what happened to me.

If you are wondering if you have bed bugs in your room, you can investigate. Signs of bed bugs include tiny spots of blood or dark brown/reddish bed bug droppings on the linens. You can also spot bed bug eggs (resembling tiny poppy seeds) along mattress seams. Although bed bugs themselves hide during the day, you might find them hiding under mattresses, behind loose wallpaper, in laundry baskets or in drawers near beds.

Professional pest control companies, like Orkin, can determine whether you have bed bugs. In fact, some dogs can be trained to sniff out the pests too!

For most people, the worst thing about getting bed bug bites is the idea of the tiny pests in their bed, biting them. Bed bug bites themselves are not usually dangerous or harmful. Few people will experience allergic reactions.

Unlike mosquitoes, bed bugs do not transmit disease. You could get an infection from scratching bed bug bites, but that is usually the extent of any potential problem.

Do be aware that bed bug bites seem to take forever to heal, and also that bites may not appear until days after you are bitten. I got my bites over a week ago, and the red dots stubbornly remain covering my feet and legs. A few stay bites are visible on my arms and hands, too.

If itching is a problem, ask your doctor if you can take over the counter antihistamines like Benadryl and/or use a topical cream with cortisone. Should your bites get infected, you may need antibiotics. Again, consult a medical professional.

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