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If you think your home may harbor bed bugs, then you should check out every crack and crevasse you can find, from the crack behind the baseboards to the folds of drapes and even seams or tears in mattresses or other bedding, clothing, or clutter that may be lying about. If you can fit a credit card edge into the crack, then a bedbug infestation can be hiding within that innocent-looking crack.

Lest you think that bed bugs are attracted to filth, you should know that infestations can be controlled by keeping a neat home since a vacuum can suck up bedbugs and eggs alike, however they are attracted to living things and feed on blood, not filth. They can be brought home from hotels in your luggage and can even travel into your unit from other apartments or condominiums in a shared unit structure.

Identifying a bed bug infestation might be difficult since you will need to find and catch one of the creatures to have it identified. Once you do, controlling the infestation can be just as difficult.

To get rid of your bed bug bites for good, start with a VERY thorough vacuuming, including every crack and crevasse that might harbor the bugs. Bedding should be sanitized by running it through the dryer at 120 degrees, and the mattress itself should be steam cleaned if possible. Truly getting the best of the bugs, however, typically requires professional treatment.

There are a variety of simple things that can be done to reduce the accessibility of your home to bed bugs. Calking openings on the outdoor of your home is an effective first step. If your attic has an opening that allows birds or bats to find lodging, you should block any entryways you may find. When birds or bats enter your attic they may also be bringing bed bugs that will drop after a feeding and find a new meal with one of your family members.

To discover the level of infestation you can place a few pieces of double-sided tape in various locations in your bedroom. Bed bugs will stick to the surface and you will get a clear picture in the morning if a more aggressive approach is needed. By adopting a higher standard of household cleanliness you may be able to further reduce infestation levels.

There are many different means by which domiciles become bed bug infested. People can acquire bed bugs at motels, hotels, thanks to increased domestic and international travel, and bring them back to their man domiciles in their suitcases. They also be picked up inadvertently by bringing infested furniture or clothing to their houses. If someone is in a place that is severely infested, bed bugs may actually movel onto and be carried by clothing, although this is not typical behavior. Finally, bed bugs may move amongst units in multi-family domiciles (such as condos and apartments), after being originally carried into the building by one of the above ways. This spread between homes is dependent in part on the level of infestation, on the materials used to separate units and whether or not infested contents are dragged through shared areas while being discarded, resulting in the shedding of bed bugs and bed bug eggs while being moved.

Common areas of infestations

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Bed Bugs Infestation - Bed

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