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Although they're called bedbugs, they don't just live in beds. Clutter, baseboards, carpeting, sofas and other furniture are all posh resorts to bedbugs, and at night they come out to dine on your blood, an all-you-can-eat buffet to them.

If you ever wake up with itchy or bruised skin, you may have a bedbug problem without even knowing it.

Within the past few years, the resurgence of Bed Bugs has made a major impact on the pest management industry and the quality of life for the people who have experienced this problem. A Bed Bug infestation will start by being brought into your home or business. Bed Bugs have been found in hotels , hospitals, theaters, buses, taxies, and offices. Educating the customer, conducting a thorough inspection, understanding Bed Bug biology, the proper application of the control products, and installing mattress and box spring encasements are vital components in the control of Bed Bugs.

We are committed to providing a quick, affordable, and most importantly, effective solution to your pest problem, and we take every measure to protect your and your family's safety throughout the process.

So whether you suspect you have a bedbug problem or just want to make sure you never get one, we have the expertise and training to get rid of your unwanted house guests, for good.

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Bed Bug Exterminator | Pest Exterminator Honolulu, HI

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