Bed bugs in the United States | United States Bed Bug Statistics

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Did you know that bedding encasements to kill bed bugs are used by over 50% of United States Pest Control Industries? Thats a heck of a lot of mattress covers when you consider that bed bug infestations have increased across the United States by a whopping 500% in the past few years. While New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Hawaii seem to be leading the pack, no state is too far behind in their search for bed bugs and how to prevent and kill those tiny blood sucking fiends. Luckily bed bug task forces have been set up in many states, but we are still a long way from being a bed bug free nation.

So no matter where in the United States you live, bed bugs are in your state! Not only that, interest in bed bugs and bed bug reports are expected to keep climbing unless drastic bed bug prevention measures are taken both at home and abroad. While a bed bug mattress cover is a great first line in matterss protection against bed bugs, that is not all that you will need to fend off those pesky bed bugs. is proud to provide comprehensive tips and solutions that you can use to prevent bed bugs at home and on the road.

Bed bugs are the 21st centurys most despised souvenir, often returning home in your suitcase and biting your family. The United States is known for its variety in travel opportunities; both for work and pleasure. Unfortunately for us, bed bugs are also known for their proclivity to travel.

Thats right; even 5 star hotels need to cover their mattresses to prevent bed bugs. In fact, more than one third of bed bug infestations occur in hotels and motels, due primarily to the high turnover rate.

Throughout the United States, pest control professionals are spraying, dusting, searching, clearing and protecting against bed bugs. In recent years, over 90% of pest control firms have reported dealing with bedbugs, as opposed to only 37% a few years prior.

Here at, our goal is to prevent bed bugs and keep you updated on bed bug infestations, wherever your travels may take you.

Updated April 1st, 2010

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Bed bugs in the United States | United States Bed Bug Statistics

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