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Last month I stayed at an oceanfront cottage on the Big Island in the Puna area and it was nice. But here comes the but:

In the morning when I woke up in the cottage, I noticed what seemed like mosquito bites on my arms and legs. I got bitten multiple times almost every night and since I wasn't familiar with bed bugs back then, I assumed there were mosquito bites.

But ever since I'm back home, the bites haven't stopped, even though I have never had a bug problem in my house. So today I finally researched what this could be and I came across bed bug information, a common pest in Hawaii. The bite pattern on my body matches pictures on the Internet.

And yesterday I found a bug in my bedroom. Today after a thorough cleaning of my entire bedroom, I found more bed bugs, including on precious keepsakes, which made me very upset. Also, this problem will keep me busy for who knows how long, since bed bugs are a tricky pest. Now I know that bed bugs are "hitchhikers" who can easily be transferred in luggage and clothing from one location to another.

I read that bed bugs can even be found in 5-star hotels and basically everywhere. It doesn't mean that the place is not clean. The bugs could, for example, have been brought in by someone who stayed there before. And here in Hawaii they have the perfect conditions to flourish and multiply.

So next time you go on vacation in Hawaii and happen to notice bites after sleeping that seem to concentrate in one area of your body and be close together, make sure you thoroughly clean your luggage and clothing before going home and after arriving home, so you don't have to go through the hassle of having to clean your whole house to get rid of a serious infestation.

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Beware of bed bugs in Hawaii - Hawaii Travel Guide

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