Magical Pest Control ensures that children attending summer camp in Toronto and surrounding areas are safe from bed …

As thousands of children across the GTA prepare to spend nights in summer camp, Magical Pest Control and its certified bed bug detection dogs are making sure children are sleeping in a bed bug free environment

TORONTO, May 29, 2012 /CNW/ - "If you're among the thousands of parents preparing to send their children off to summer camp this year, make sure your children won't come home bringing more back than arts and crafts" says Alex Dayan, manager of Magical Pest Control.

Sleepover camps, like hotels and hospitals, can be dangerous breeding grounds for bed bugs. Because bed bugs can only travel by attaching themselves to the clothes and baggage of people, places of mass occupancy are the most common sources of inviting bed bugs into your home.

"Cautious summer camp directors will hire an expert bed bug detection team to perform quick bed bug inspections of their camps before and just after opening their doors to children," continues Dayan. "These inspections will assure camp officials and parents that the camp was bed bug free prior to kid's arrival and after the children have transported their baggage from home."

Magical Pest Control uses certified bed bug detection dogs to offer summer camps an accurate way to inspect for bed bugs. Magical's certified K-9 bed bug detection team is 98% accurate, compared to the 35% accuracy rate of traditional human inspection methods. Magical's K-9 bed bug detection team is able to inspect for bed bugs behind walls, baseboards, and under carpets without having to strip down a room, offering summer camps a non-obstructive way of thoroughly detecting bed bugs.

"As the bed bug epidemic still lingers in the city, we encourage all summer camps to hire an expert bed bug detection team to ensure the bed bug problem doesn't spread. And we encourage all parents to ask their summer camp if they have been professionally inspected for bed bugs," continued Dayan. "We also provide free bed bug consultations prior to service, and 90 day warrantees to ensure no return of bed bugs. Therefore, if camps are inspected and treated early they will have the assurance of being bed bugs free all summer."

Magical Pest

Magical Pest Control is a Canadian owned and operated pest management company based in Toronto, Ontario. In business since 1997, it is now one of the largest pest control providers to the property management sector. While specializing in pest management for apartments, condos and commercial accounts, Magical also services residential homes and office complexes. Magical is composed of a large team of government licensed technicians.

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Magical Pest Control ensures that children attending summer camp in Toronto and surrounding areas are safe from bed ...

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