HOWE ROOM: Zinck takes deadly aim at pesky bed bugs

MLAs see all manner of problems at their local offices, but they dont often require the Lice Squad.

Independent Trevor Zinck did, though. He ordered some of the Ontario pest control specialists clean, green, organic bug blaster to fend off bed bugs.

The Dartmouth North MLA said the parasitic insects have been a chronic problem in some of the old wood-framed public housing units in his constituency, and a few have ended up in his office aboard visiting constituents.

Last months expense report showed he spent $492.28 with the Lice Squad, buying what he described as a Febreze-type spray hes using in a regular preventive cleaning regimen.

Its quite effective, Zinck said of the enzyme-laden cleaner.

We asked people to bring them in in pill bottles. We sprayed them and its killed them on contact.

He said the office closed for a couple of days in the summer for a thorough cleaning, and he swapped out some furniture for government surplus items. The space has been bed bug-free since.

In a climate where federal government cuts and Employment Insurance changes are hitting home for Nova Scotians, it doesnt take much for Premier Darrell Dexter to riff on federal downloading.

He must have been primed last week, when asked about Ottawas pending withdrawal from covering a third of the cost of putting observers on fishing boats.

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HOWE ROOM: Zinck takes deadly aim at pesky bed bugs

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