Bed Bugs in the Workplace | City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Offices and public spaces

Offices and public spaces are generally safe from bed bug infestations, as there is little opportunity for the bugs to feed on sleeping or stationary persons. However, they may serve as transfer points for bed bugs carried in on the clothing, shoes or personal belongings of employees and visitors.

There is no need to panic if you find bed bugs in your work place. When properly handled, bed bugs can be eliminated with a minimum of disruption to your operations.

Service workers and professionals who visit residents in their home are at risk of transporting bed bugs to other clients' or their own home. With some precautions, they can greatly reduce the risk of transporting bed bugs or other pests after a home visit and still provide good service to the resident. In addition, these employees can help remove the stigma associated with bed bugs and participate in the solution.

Residents should not be denied services because of bed bugs. With appropriate precautions, a home visiting worker can protect themselves from bringing bed bugs home from a clients residence. Review the Home Visit Precautions section above.

If you suspect a client has bed bugs, or the client discloses that they have bed bugs, consider the following options:

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Bed Bugs in the Workplace | City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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