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Theres a lot of competition in the Toronto bed bug control market. Bed Bugs and Beyond doesnt take advantage of the hot market. They keep prices fairly low in comparison to other companies offering heat, and offer a 90-day guarantee and a free heat treatment if the bugs do return. So far, weve been bed-bug free since the initial heat treatment!Our experience with Bed Bugs & Beyond was great. The owner, Cary, came and did a free inspection on the same day we contacted him even though he had another job in progress elsewhere. The crew who did the treatment was just as compassionate as Cary. They patiently explained the process and helped us and our two cats get out the door bed-bug free so we wouldnt bring them back with us. This involved blowing hot air on us, our bags, and cat carriers as well as inside my car.Cary did warn us during the inspection that our Ikea furniture would sustain some damage. Indeed, the cheap melamine finishes separated from our dressers. We have been able to super-glue them back down. Our large and expensive Pax wardrobe came through it just fine, though! The only damage to our electronics was to our laser printer, which weve replaced a cost well worth the experience of a good nights sleep If youve got bed bugs, dont waste your money on steam and vacuum treatments (these things you can do yourself!) and be aware of the fact that chemical fumigation cannot penetrate the nooks and crannies in your walls where these sneaky bugs hang out. Heat is the best way.I do recommend cleaning up any of the Diatomaceous Earth powder before heat treatment if youve spread it around. The heat fans will blow it around everywhere. Weeks later and Im still cleaning it up! I also recommend boarding your pets somewhere overnight. Our indoor cats really suffered in the hot house even hours after the treatment. Your house will take 5+ hours to cool off because the walls and floors retain so much heat.A big thanks to Cary and the Bed Bugs and Beyond crew! Although youre all wonderful people, I hope that I never have to contact you again THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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Bed Bug Toronto Heat Treatment | Bed Bugs Removal

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