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Max. Incidents:10001479

Incident Radius: 350 Miles



Bed bugs like hiding in the cracks and creases of items within 15 feet of where you sleep. The most comfortable place to check for bed bugs in your mattress. Inspect the edges, looking for any live bugs (think the size of an apple seed) or fecal stains (think of a dot from a pen).

When bed bug eggs hatch, they shed the egg and turn into nymphs. As the nymphs mature, they require blood to moult and mature. With each moult, they cast off their exoskeletons to grow. Check for these in the dark crevices around your bed, such as the cracks of your mattress, box spring, bed frame or joints of furniture.

Remember that not all bites are bed bug bites! Mosquitoes, carpet beetles, allergic reactions are all possible. Three bites in a line dont mean you have bed bugs so ignore the old bed bug adage of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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The June bug flaunts a gaudy wing, the fire bug flies for fame; the bedbug has no wings at all, but he gets there all the same. Unnamed American poet, circa 1890 In an Industrial Avenue strip mall, a working beagle named Stella vigorously noses into baseboards, bookcases, table legs and chairs. Continue reading

The federal government is rushing to hire pest control professionals who can deal with bedbugs that public servants bring home from the office, as the insects continue to pop up in government buildings around the national capital region. According to a tender posted last Friday by Public Works and Government Services Canada, the feds are looking to issue up to five standing offers to pest management firms that can inspect and treat its workers homes and vehicles for bedbugs as needed, over the next five years. The budget for each standing offer? Continue reading

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RANT* DOES CANADA NOT WANT ME TO GET RID OF MY BED BUGS????? Proof: Can't buy Cimexa or Nuvan strips... How am I going to treat my over 1500$ worth of engineering textbooks that I had intended to keep indefinitely Continue reading

Are thinking of relocating to Canada? Moving your family to a different city can be overwhelming especially when you know little about the town. If you are moving to a new location and you are worried about who will foot the bills in case of bug infestations, then read on Continue reading

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Good morning, Ottawa! Currently it is -1 with light snow, which will continue into the afternoon while reaching a high of 1. Dont forget that Daylight Savings begins Sunday. Remember to set your clocks an hour ahead before you go to bed Saturday night. Its time to spring forward despite the snow.Here are your top headlines today:

There were more than 120 Canadians who were evacuated from a cruise ship in Japan and placed in quarantine for two weeks in Cornwall. Read and listen to the last of those who were released today from Cornwall at CBC Ottawa.

After six months of treatment for ovarian cancer, Coun Diane Deans says she believes that she will beat it at her annual Womens day conference. Read more about what she has to say at the Ottawa Citizen.

On Wednesday, OC Transpo workers were cleared out of head office after bed bugs were found. A pest management company found bed bugs in certain specific areas of the office. Global News reports.

The coffee chain has decided to stop using reusable cups in an effort to minimize the chances of contracting the virus. This decision has Tim Hortons delaying the distribution of 1.8 million reusable cups they were going to give out for Roll Up The Rim this year. Other coffee companies are doing the same sort of thing. Read more on this at CTV News Ottawa.

This is the third straight month of employment growth in Canada. Even so there are signs the economy is slowing in the report which shows a slight increase in the unemployment rate to 5.6 per cent. Read more on this at the Financial Post.

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Radio-Canada employees must wait even more impatiently to move into their new offices since the brown tower on Ren-Lvesque Boulevard has recently been struggling with bedbugs.

The Maison de Radio-Canada in Montreal is now added to the list of federal buildings, after those in Ottawa and Gatineau, which have faced a bed bug problem.

Following [sic] the detection of traces of bedbugs inside in the past few weeks, we conducted an inspection of the building over the weekend in the presence of dogs detection and a certified exterminator , we can read in an internal note sent to employees and obtained by Le Journal yesterday.

According to what it is possible to learn there, the inspection made it possible to detect the presence of traces of bedbugs in certain targeted places of the tower.

We are not talking about an infestation here, but rather isolated cases. Several floors were free of bedbugs, he added.

The Crown corporation confirmed that a decontamination treatment with steam had been carried out immediately in the limited areas. She also assured that the follow-up would be done with the affected employees.

Rest assured that management takes the situation very seriously and that a preventive bed bug detection plan will be deployed to prevent this from happening again, the e-mail concluded.

The official move date to the new offices located nearby is not yet known.

The building was to be ready on January 1 st. However, Radio-Canada is already in court with its owner. She believes that she should not have to pay her monthly rent of $ 1.8 million since the project is not considered complete.

Read more here:Bed bugs at Radio-Canada - The Ticker Times


Bed bugs are seeing a resurgence in Canada and even the cleanest of homes can fall victim to these painful pests that feed on the blood of humans and pets.

Bed bugs are especially attracted to the carbon dioxide and warmth that humans emit, which makes them particularly drawn to multi-unit rental apartments.

At night, they feed on sleeping humans, and by day, they hide in dark undisturbed areas like furniture, baseboards, floorboards, carpets, and even wallpaper.

You may find red spots of fecal matter on your bed after being bitten by bed bugs, but it can be maddeningly difficult to detect where the bugs are actually hiding.

nfortunately, bed bugs multiply quickly. In just six months, a few of these pests can turn into a full-on infestation of more than 13,000 bed bugs. Adults can also survive for a year without feeding, so even if you leave, they might not.

Home remedies can reduce the infestation, but the only way to truly rid yourself of bed bugs is professional pest control. Orkin Canada uses specially trained bed bug dogs, to detect anywhere live bed bugs and their eggs are hiding and make sure theyre gone for good.

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VANCOUVER When Gregor Robertson took over as mayor of Vancouver, he said he had not anticipated the financial collapse of a planned home when the Winter Olympics and Paralymics approached in 2010.

Olympic Village, a community of around 1,100 condominium units along the edge of False Creek of the city, is expected to house 3,000 athletes and add much needed affordable housing supplies to the city.

But it didnt go as planned, he said in an interview.


It took me more than 14 months before the Games started and the Olympic Village was in total financial decline, and that project was not on track to be completed for the Games, he said.

The 2010 Olympic Games coincided with the recession. The $ 1.1 billion project went under guardianship and the city raised $ 690 million in debt to keep it alive, but Robertson said it had paid off.

In the end it all worked out. Its a great neighborhood in Vancouver with a great legacy for the city.

The 10th anniversary of the Olympic Games is on Wednesday and Robertson is one of many public figures who, looking in the rear-view mirror, expressed mixed feelings about the experience, but ultimately said it was worth it.

The games came with significant infrastructure investments such as the Canada Line SkyTrain, a fast transit line that connects downtown Vancouver with the airport in Richmond. Athletic facilities built for the Games are now valued community and leisure centers. And the Sea-to-Sky Highway that winds to Whistler was considerably improved, giving the region north of Vancouver more tourism.

Ten years later, the legacy of those investments proves a blessing for the community, but some payouts took longer than expected.

I think the Vancouver Olympics really launched on the world stage and strengthened our reputation as a city that can host major events that had a dynamic economy and a varied population, said Robertson.

Quantifying the economic impact is virtually impossible, said James Raymond, senior research manager at the Vancouver Economic Commission.

An analysis by PricewaterhouseCoopers was published in the year after the Olympic Games discovered that the Vancouver organizing committee continued to spend under $ 2 billion. It was estimated that the Games contributed $ 2.3 billion to GDP, resulted in $ 1.26 billion in local development projects, and attracted 650,000 visitors in one month alone.

The city said in April 2010 that it had spent $ 550 million and used another $ 174.9 million from other levels of government, and considered it an investment that a sustainable legacy of city assets for the use of our citizens for years to come. created .

Raymond said the benefits have gone far beyond those numbers. From his perspective, Vancouver has organized one of the most successful Olympic Games in recent history.

Unlike other host cities with ghost facilities that languish unused after the Games, the Vancouver Olympic infrastructure continues to flourish, said Raymond, whose visits to host cities include Seoul, Barcelona, Sidney and Athens.

He brings his own daughter to ballet class in a community center that organized curling events and now has a popular pool and farmers market.

It has only brought life and energy to that one neighborhood, he said.

The brand value of Vancouver also increased thanks to the Games and probably contributed to foreign investments by companies such as Amazon and MasterCard that are expanding their technology activities in the city and attracting international events to the Vancouver Convention Center, Raymond said.

He calls the Vancouver organizing committee the legacy in mind in his investment decision.

Vancouver has shown really well that the Olympics can be fantastic for your city, he said.

Its about scaling things the right way and the legacy as the most important thing to think about.

John Furlong, CEO of the committee, said that during planning, members made it a priority to consider how infrastructure fits into the long-term vision of the community.

There was only one project the ski jump location that the team determined was unlikely to sustain itself, so the committee said ongoing funding.

More important is his opinion that he calls the human legacy and how it contributed to Vancouvers reputation.

The Vancouver 2010 Games were confronted with extraordinary obstacles and hardships on the way and had to overcome many things. So in many ways it was important that the project was seen as a metaphor for what is possible, Furlong said.

The city has this kind of look in the eyes and the feeling that it can handle anything.

Leaders from two First Nations said they were enthusiastic and hopeful to participate in the Games.

Lilwat Chief Dean Nelson and Squamish Nations Gibby Jacob both said their communities were receiving land on which they still have not been able to build but are considering long-term investments.

Jacob said that a $ 30 million shared cultural center in Whistler was more of a financial burden than expected, but now operates in the black. Nelson added that many local youth are employed in the center and it allows them to share their history.

Nelson, who taught in 2010, said it was fun for his students to hold Olympic presentations in schools and a snowboard team that was formed in 2010 is still driving.

The Games also put forward anti-poverty lawyers who considered spending as frivolous.

Vancouver Coun. Jean Swanson helped the Poverty Olympics in the run-up to the Games to draw attention to inequality in the city.

We had our own mascots, we had our own national anthem, we had our own games. My favorite was the wide jump over the bed bugs-affected mattress, she said.

The message was clear then and she is now there, she said, If the money spent on the Olympics was spent on ending poverty, we could do it.

But the Games also came with some benefit for the poor, she said. Swanson endorses the pressure of lawyers with the decision of the provincial government to build 14 permanent supporting residential buildings with approximately 100 units each in the region.

On the other hand, Swanson said she believes the Olympic Games have strengthened Vancouvers international profile as a real estate destination, contributing to a housing crisis that peaked years after the Games.

Robertson also linked international attention to the misery of the townhouse, while the reputation boost it gave the city should not be underestimated.

We were previously seen as a non-fun city with limited economic prospects, known only for resources. And now we are known as one of the greenest, technically educated culturally diverse cities in the world, said Robertson.

That is a huge added value and I think it is easy to remember some of the real estate challenges or complications, but I think it was generally a big advantage for Vancouver and Canada.

This report from The Canadian Press was first published on February 9, 2020.


Originally posted here:10 years later: Vancouver looks back on its Olympic moment with mixed feelings - Daily Gaming Worlld


Dr. Bob Davis

Target Specialty Products, a service provider of pest and turf and ornamental solutions in the United States and Canada, will hold a 1-hour webinar on Friday, Feb. 18, at 10:30 a.m. PDT. As part of its Business Growth Webinar Series of 2020, the topic is Understanding Innovation: A Scientific Approach to Pest Management.

BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions has sponsored this months webinar. Dr. Bob Davis, BCE, technical services representative for BASF, will share explore why innovation is critical to human success and how it can help to combat many global issues.

His presentation will cover innovation processes and examples of how pest management professionals can use innovations to help protect the health, well-being and quality of life for society.

Dr. Davis earned his bachelors, masters and Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska. His graduate work focused on testing and evaluating termite control materials and techniques. Davis has been in the industry for more than 30 years, including positions as fisheries biologist, pest control operator, pest control technician, extension research specialist, graduate research assistant, technical director for ABC Pest & Lawn Services of Austin, Texas, and technical field representative for Aventis and Bayer Environmental Sciences.

Pest management professionals interested in attending can register for the upcoming webinar here.

This is Targets second webinar of 202o. The first was a webinar, sponsored by Nisus Corp., where Dr. Jamel Sandidge, BCE, shared his knowledge about the biology of some pests and modes of action in the insecticides used during his presentation, Battling Insecticide Resistance.

Targets Business Growth Webinar Series addressed insecticide formulationsthis past fall and solutions fortough summer pestsand bed bugs this past summer. Clickhereto be added to Targets mailing list and notified of future educational opportunities.

Headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, Calif., Target Specialty Products operates 44 locations across the United States and Canada.

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