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When you have bed bugs at home, you have two options: To hire a professional or to try some homemade remedies for bed bugs. Essential oils for bed bugs may help you on getting rid of bed bugs. So, how and which essential oils will help you on this?

Natural way for fighting bed bugs has two advantages. First, they are cheaper than any other professional help and second, they are natural.

We already published an article about natural remedies for bed bugs and you can check it before starting this post:

Essential oils are a part of those natural remedies and they can help you on your war against bed bugs.

Not every kind of essential oils will repel bed bugs. Here are some experienced essential oils for bed bugs:

Lets look deeper at those essential oils.

Tea tree oil is produced by a plant called Indian daphne. This flat-leaf plant which is naturally found in Australia is famous with its essential oil.

Tea tree oil is an effective remedy for bed bugs and it will kill them when it contacts bed bugs. Any bed bugs contacted with tea tree oil will have no chances.

But the problem with tea tree oil against bed bugs is that you need to sprinkle it directly on bed bugs. It wont help on killing bed bugs after you spray it around and just wait for bed bugs.

Also, some people may be allergic to tea tree oil and you must be careful when using it.

Rosemary is a common plant for Mediterranean lands at its used in a lot of industries. Its good for headache, skin and hair.

How rosemary oil helps you about bed bugs is its smell. Bed bugs will hate rosemary oil smell and they will try to keep away from it.

So, you can spray rosemary oil into your house, at the bottom of the walls, around your bed or inside the cracks and holes and, this will prevent bed bugs to reach you.

Thyme is a great plant with its taste and smell. Its used in industry for making some medicines or pother products and its a beautiful part of our kitchens.

Thyme oil can kill bed bugs too, when its directly contacted to bed bugs. But it also has some risks for children and pregnant women.

When you spray it around, its smell will help you on keeping bed bugs away from you.

Lavender blooms in summer and oil is made from its flowers. Lavender oil will kill bed bugs when you spray it directly on them

Good smell of lavender oil is not bed bugs favorite and when you spray it around your home, it will keep bed bugs in their hosts where they hide.

Clove is indispensable for our kitchens. It mostly grows in Asian lands and its collected while its still a bud before it blooms. Those buds are dried under sun and oil is made by those buds.

Clove oil is lethal for bed bugs and harms them when directly used on bed bugs. Bed bugs also dont like its smell, and this will help you too.

Lemongrass is also known as Melissa and its a main plant for industries like cosmetic, medicine and food.

What lemongrass does is the same as other essential oils and it has a lethal impact on bed bugs when directly used on them. It also keeps them away by its smell.

You can also use peppermint oil to kill bed bugs and take advantage of its smell to keep them away. You must try to use it directly on bed bugs and spray it on possible hosts for those bugs.

Eucalyptus oil may be an option too by the same ways in other essential oil. Just take care of using it directly on bed bugs to kill them.

Frankincense oil is made from the rosin of Boswellia sacra tree. It will be effective on killing bed bugs and keeping them away from you.

Chamomile oil will help you against bed bugs and its an effective option for getting rid of bed bugs.

I know what I told you about those essential oils were like each other. What I say is always to use them directly on bed bugs and their smell will help you to keep away bed bugs from you.

But, thats it! There is nothing more to say about essential oils for bed bugs. The question here is, whether if they will help you to get rid of bed bugs or not.

I must say that essential oils will be a temporary solution like other natural remedies for bed bugs. Because you need to find every single bed bug at your home to succeed with essential oils and this is not always possible.

I researched in forums and social media for you and see that essential oils are not recommended by to use against bed bugs.

Some people try to make a combination of several essential oils and spray them around. However, this may be a better way, its still not a permanent solution.

I believe that essential oils should be used as supportive to other professional ways. You can use essential oil around your bed or furniture to keep bed bugs away from you, instead of killing them.

Here are some ways of killing bed bugs, but professional support is still the best option when you have bed bugs at home:




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