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Published 10:53 am Friday, October 13, 2023

Pest expert warns a very real risk Paris bed bugs will spread fast across Mississippi

A growing bed bug crisis in Paris made international headlines recently, leading to worries about these pests infesting cities around the world. And that concern is validated by licensed pest control professional Zachary Smith of The Pest Dude warns that its highly likely that bed bugs could spread fast across the state.

He notes that bed bugs in Mississippi are nothing new. They are already found in every state, but Smith worries that they can spread rapidly across each continental state.

These tiny, flat parasites feed on human blood during nighttime slumbers. While they dont transmit diseases, bed bugs can lead to itchy bites, disrupted sleep, and considerable discomfort.

Bed bugs typically inhabit areas where people sleep, including apartments, hotels, shelters and dormitories. They often conceal themselves in mattress seams, box springs, behind bed structures, and within furniture gaps.

However, bed bugs can be anywhere their host lives, including the cars and planes people travel in.

Smith emphasizes their remarkable resilience, noting that bed bugs can endure extended periods between feedings, ranging from several weeks to months.

Smith advises to check for bed bugs in the following areas:

To manage an active bed bug infestation and prevent its spread, Smith provides the following tips:

And finally, to kill the bed bugs, below are some options according to The Pest Dude.

Non-Chemical Bed Bug Treatments:

Chemical Methods:

In this rapidly evolving situation, awareness and timely action are our best defenses, states said Smith. While bedbugs have always been a concern, their resilience and adaptability make it crucial for everyone to be informed and proactive.

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Parisian bed bugs might choose your mattress as a permanent BnB ... - Oxford Eagle

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