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Wondercide BioDefense kills adult bed bugs and eggs on contact. Bed bugs can be very difficult to treat becauseyou must apply product to all areas where they hide and lay eggs.That is the key to eradication.While this product comes with a sprayer attachment,we recommend using aULV Non-Thermal Fogger for Indoor & Outdoor Use | 1 Gallon Resevoirto apply.This product will not stain or attract dirt, but be careful not to slip on hard surfaces until dry.Remember, bed bugs are nocturnal (come out at night to feed) and are difficult to find in the light. It is extremely important to treat everything in the room or home where bed bugs may be.BioDefense is made with organic, food-grade ingredients, so it's non-toxic around pets & people.Unlike conventional bed bug treatments, Wondercide is:

Wondercide products are so safe that you can treat for bed bugs yourself! You might even find that you can cancel your expensive, and often toxic, pest control service because Wondercide is so effective against hundreds of common pests when used ongoing as preventative maintenance.

Having the right amount of product is vital to getting control because you must ensure contact with all surface areas and all places where bed bugs hide.Please watch the video below for detailed instructions. 1 Gallon of BioDefense treats up to 1,500 sq ft of surface area one time. Because you need to treat all flooring, furniture, inside your mattresses, inside cabinets, inside closets, behind furniture, inside cracks and crevices, etc., if your home is 1500 sq ft, you will need more product to ensure full coverage of all these surface areas.

Wondercide's unique and powerful formulation of natural cedar oil and hydrated silica kills bed bugs within seconds and dissolves the eggs within hours. All lifecycle stages are eliminated upon contact with BioDefense. All insects, including bed bugs, breathe through pores on their bodies, and they close them immediately when you apply BioDefense. Spraying into wall voids, cracks and crevices will allow the superior penetration qualities of this product to reach the areas where bed bugs live during the day and commonly lay eggs.

Our site is filled with reviews, but don't just take their word for it! Below are the 3rd party lab results testing this product on fleas, ticks, bed bugs and lice that shows 100% mortality.

Scientists have reported that insects have evolved a resistance over the years with the use of chemical pesticides. Not only are these products thought to be unsafe, they are no longer as effective. In independent tests, 89% of the registered pyrethroid products on the market were no longer effective against the resistant bed bugs. Researchers at Ohio State conducted a genetic analysis of bed bugs, which theyve published,and found that theyvedeveloped genes that are resistant to pesticidessuch as pyrethroids.Resistant bedbugs, the researchers say, are producing detoxifying enzymes that render pesticides ineffective.

There is no need to use chemical pesticides to kill bed bugs when you use Wondercide. You can kill bed bugs and eggs with BioDefense in seconds! For best results, treat your mattress, box springs, night stands, and entire bedroom thoroughly. Treat all indoor areas. BioDefense will eliminate all bed bugs when complete coverage is achieved. If bed bugs reoccur, retreat the area immediately. Please watch the video below for more treatment information.

Theyre not easy to find because they are tiny. Their excrement, skin shells and pieces from their eggs are the clearest signs. You can look for these discarded signs of bed bug life by lifting up your mattress and checking around crevices and cracks. Because bed bugs can hide in furniture, you might also want to take a look under peeled wallpaper, picture frames, and under cushions in hotel room chairs and sofas.As infestations grow larger, these bugs tend to move from the beds into other locations making pest control more difficult. A careful inspection and treatment could take several hours. Some companies are actually now using dogs to detect hard-to-find infestations.

One telltale sign of bedbugs are the small, pin-sized bites they leave behind. They look like a little raised rash on your skin, and are commonly found on the arms, legs, or in some cases the torso.Bed bugs usually bite people at night while they are sleeping. They do this by piercing the skin with an extended beak which draws the blood. It takes about 3 to 10 minutes to eat but the person seldom knows that theyre being bitten. Symptoms vary after being bitten - some get an itchy red mark or swelling, while others have little or no reaction.

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Natural Bed Bug TREATMENT - Wondercide Natural Products

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