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Bed Bug traps can be an effective and useful tool in the fight against these bugs. Some people think that traps are only for rodents, or other kinds of pests, but the truth is that bed bug traps and monitors play an important role in the bed bug control process.

Bed bugs traps come in several different designs and styles:

These are designed to be placed under the four posts that support your bed. They are in the form of a hollowed out dish with two distinct walls, an outer and an inner wall. The outer wall prevents any bugs on the carpet or floor from climbing up the bedposts into the mattress. The inner wall catches any bugs that might be found trying to move from the bed to the floor or surrounding area. They are made from a plastic that makes it impossible for the bugs to escape once they have fallen into the deep valley that separates the inner and outer walls.

Cleanup is easy as you merely have to take the trap that is full of dead bugs and empty it into the trash. Although these traps are quite effective they will not work for the bugs that remain in the mattress, to get rid of those bugs youll have to use another form of bed bugs treatment such as Steri-fab, or one of our other bed bug spray products.

Believe it or not it can sometimes be hard to even know if you have bed bugs or some other type of insect in your bed such as fleas. These products will help you to know for sure what insects you should be treating for. They are designed with an attractive pheromone that will draw the bugs in, after which theyll be stuck to the sticky inside surface of the trap. Once a few bugs have been caught, you can either compare them to pictures or consult us to help you know exactly what youre dealing with.

The most advanced of the three, these traps rely on the fact that the bugs are naturally drawn to the carbon dioxide that we exhale with each breath. This is how they find humans to bite them, and one reason why its so hard to avoid being bitten if youre sleeping in a bed with an infestation. The traps contain a mixture that will produce enough carbon dioxide to be sensed by the bugs all over the room, and it will draw them to the trap, which is designed much like the bedpost traps discussed earlier.

You might be wondering how bed bug traps work. Bed bug traps are effective because they intercept bed bugs as they make their way around an area. The ClimbUp Insect Interceptor, for example, can be placed around the base of table and bed legs and will act as a pitfall trap that bed bugs will try to climb over, but end up falling into and cant get out.

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Bed Bug Traps & Bed Bug Monitors -

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