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If I may, mmanhattan, the products sold on the Internet that claim to kill bedbugs are a scam and they DO NOT WORK.

The only proven ways to kill them is with extreme heat (45C -113F for 15 minutes) or with insecticides approved to spray infested areas, treatments that belong to a group of compounds called pyrethroids. These chemicals are used by the exterminators. (On heat, see for example this scientific article : Rust, M.K. and D.A. Reierson. 1998. Use of extreme temperatures in urban insect pest management, Pp. 179-200. In G. J. Hallman and D. L. Denlinger [eds.], Lethal temperatures in integrated pest management. Westview Press, Boulder, Colo.)

So just put everything that can be washed in your luggages in very hot soapy water, then put it in the dryer for at least 20 minutes on high heat. When finished, make sure that you put everything in a sealed plastic bag. Everything that cannot be washed in water should be either inspected and vacuumed. Look in every cracks, between every pages of your books. If you can put your stuff in a sauna, it is the best way. Just don’t put your ipod and batteries in it!!

Don’t waste your money on phony bedbugs products! Just use heat.

how to get rid of bed bugs? | Health – Lonely Planet Forum …

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