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For someone who has not dealt with the nuisance of a bedbug infestation on household furniture, the shudder of those who have might seem extreme. The visceral reaction to the smell of a squashed bed bug and the itch of being bitten is all too real for those who have had such experiences. The annoying aspect of a bedbug infestation is their resilience. These little bugs are hardy and even harder to kill.In a span of 37 days on the average, bedbugs go from eggs to adulthood. From the beginning of their life, bedbug nymphs are ready for a blood meal. Bedbugs survive by ingesting the blood of their host (bloody little vampires).

They can survive on the ingested blood for months without needing a refill (I wonder the kind of engine that powers them). And they dont discriminate humans, cats, dogs- all are fair game. What more, their life cycle is 10 months to a year (really uncommon for critters in the insect kingdom) but they are aggressively active when it comes to mating. The typical female bedbug can lay hundreds of eggs in her life span. Now imagine how hard it is to get rid of bugs that breed that fast irrespective of whether they starve or not.

Normal insecticides dont work well on bedbugs, partly due to where they like to hang out in the seams of the mattress, folds of furniture materials and clothing. Basically, all nook and crannies where there is a high probability of coming into contact with human skin, too tight for casual inspection and dark.However, we would not leave you hanging as to how to get rid of these nasty little buggers.

Our solution is a homemade brew that can percolate (while you sip your coffee) into their hideouts talk about taking the fight to them. The chemicals needed are things you already use in the kitchen and around the house, hence it is inexpensive.

You will need:

Then follow the following procedure. No need for goggles. There are no explosions involved.

Note: If you dont have a teacup or you need a larger/ smaller quantity then you can use any container for the measurement. The important bit is to use the same proportional measurement for all the components.Pour the resulting mixture into a spraying container (you have just taken your first step as an industrial chemist. Congrats!). Head over to the infested furniture and spray the edges and folds (higher chance of finding them there). Then spray the rest of the furniture. Repeat the spraying in two days or three days to be sure you got them all.

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How to get rid of Bed Bugs. - Fox Weekly

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