Best Bed Bug Spray Reviews: How To Kill Bed Bugs Yourself


Bed bug infestation can be devastating to a homeowner for a few reasons:

Many ask what the best bed bug spray is on the market, because they think these are just like ants, mosquitoes, or any other bug that you can simply spray away. Unfortunately that isnt always the case. That said, if you simply cant afford a professional bed bug treatment then your quest for how to kill bed bugs yourself should start bylooking for a quality bed bug spray.

We had a personal bed bug scare recently, when my wife started getting bumps on her ankles and arms when she woke up. Id been sleeping in the same bed, but didnt notice any bites on my side. (Although anytime we started talking about it, I randomly started to get itchy out of paranoia.)

We just had a new baby and had only been home from the hospital a couple of days, so I was concerned about my kids in particular. I called a reputable bed bug company in town and the lady was able to give me some information on what to expect.

They had 2 treatment options, one was an initial treatment with weekly follow-ups for 6 8 weeks or until all bed bugs were gone. This was going to cost around $1,500. The other was a gas that they could use in the house, while it was air sealed for 48 hours. Obviously you couldnt come in your house for 2 days, but this would kill all bed bugs and their eggs in that time frame. This treatment was going to be $2,000 $5,000 depending on the size of our house.

I was devastated!

Luckily, we figured out that my wife wasnt being bitten at all. Instead it was an allergic reaction to some medicine she had been taking.

Benadryll is much cheaper than bed bug treatments.

The EcoRaider Bed Bug Sprayis our top choice for DIYers, and astudy at Rutgers University agrees.They found that this spray was the only one tested to have a 100% mortality rate after 10 days.

In this test, the bugs were laid out in a way to where all the sprays would have an equal opportunity to kill them. The problem in real life is that bed bugs are notorious about finding their way into small crevices, inside of mattresses, and other spots where spraying them would be near impossible.

Nevertheless, if you have no money and a bed bug problem EcoRaider should be your first choice.

All Stop Dead Bed Bugs is a spray that will kill both bed bugs and their eggs on contact. One of the concerns with bed bug sprays is the toxicity of them, particularly since you are going to be applying it to your mattress. All Stop is an eco friendly product with no harmful chemicals included, so you can sleep safe.

Rest Easy Bed Bug Travel Spray is another quality option for the DIY bed bug fighter. It comes in a twin pack, with smaller spray bottles that could easily be packed away in your suitcase. As you know, bed bugs in hotels can be a big problem because of the large variety and quantity of guests staying in those rooms. Here are some tips from Purdue if you think you may have had bed bugs in your hotel room.

Rest Easy spray also promotes itself as a green product, with environmentally friendly ingredients. Here is a short list of pros and cons about using this as a bed bug solution:

Most experts agree that a true bed bug infestation requires professional assistance. But if you dont have the money, then you simply dont have the money. Youre right to be looking for the best bed bug spray as a first step, and to be thinking about other DIY solutions you can implement.

Many professionals will tell you that heat can kill bed bugs. Often if you are having an assessment done, one of the steps is to take all the linens and clothes nearby and put them in the dryer. Typically drying it on high for 10 20 minuteswill be sufficient to kill the bugs that may have been nested in those materials. Extreme cold can kill bed bugs as well, but not nearly as effectively as heat. The main reason is that they would need to be in cold temperatures for an extended period of time, which often isnt practical for a home owner.

A couple of other things to keep an eye out for are bed bug trapsand pillow protectors.Both are relatively affordable ways to mitigate your bed bug problem. There is also some other great reading material to learn more about what you can do to prevent and fight bed bugs on your own:

Texas A&M Article

Bed Bug Killers At Home

UMN Research on Controlling and Prevention

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Best Bed Bug Spray Reviews: How To Kill Bed Bugs Yourself

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