Bed bugs heat treatment – a natural pest control solution

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its the best way to get rid of bed bugs naturally in a single non-chemical, non-toxic treatment.

Traditional remedies often fail to permanently eradicate bed bugs due to chemical resistance of thesepests. Our natural treatment process uses convection to force heat into mattresses, furniture, walls and difficult spots to kill bed bugs and their eggs in a single heat treatment and all this without the use of chemicals! Read more about our bed bug treatment process.

Performing proper initial inspection is critical for early detection of a bed bug infestation. It is important to know both where to look and what you are looking for. Catching a problem before it has spread will reduce treatment costs and complexity. Get all the details and see helpful photos on our visual inspection page.

Each one of our bed bug sniffing dogs has been trained to accurately detect the presence of bed bugs even when there is no visual evidence. Find out more about canine pest inspection and why our dogs make a perfect fit for our team.

Some mistakenly claim that heat treatment is less affordable than chemical treatment. The truth is that once all the hidden costs of a bed bug chemical treatment have been added up, heat treatment costs will often be lower.

Bed bug heat treatment cost savings are more than a dollar figure:

We guarantee our heat treatment process will kill all bed bugs and eggs in the home, apartment or hotel. In the unlikely event that a live bed bug is found after our treatment we will re-treat at no cost. Our minimum bed bug heat treatment guarantee is 30 days, extended warranties are available upon request.

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Bed bugs heat treatment - a natural pest control solution

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