Bed Bugs Got Vermont Service Center –

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The employees of Vermont Service Center are puzzled. Their question who brought the bed bugs in their office?

According to the federal offices employees, their building was inspected on Wednesday. During which, a number of chairs and filing cabinets were moved out.

However, it wasnt the first time that bed bugs were sighted in the center. Actually, the most-recent bed bug inspection was already the third one implemented on the building.

But the fact that there were bed bugs in the said office wasnt the only thing that the workers were complaining about. They were also upset that they were expected to work even in those areas that are likely infested by the pests.

To solve the bed bug problem, Service Centers Acting Director, Karen FitzGerald, said in an official statement that an extermination was already scheduled last weekend. And as she added, the department is also committed to working together with its employees, partners and the bed bug experts to put an end to the problem.

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They dont come in from the outside, said Jon Quackenbush of PestPro. They are strictly brought in.

The question for federal workers at the Vermont Service Center in St. Albans who or what brought bedbugs into the building? Workers say a bedbug-sniffing dog showed up Wednesday, and some chairs and filing cabinets have been removed. It is the third time exterminators have been brought in for bedbugs since April.

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Bed Bugs Got Vermont Service Center -

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