Bed bug hotline directory report a Bed Bug Infestation

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USA City Hotline Phone Number Georgia All cities 404-657-2700 California All cities 916-561-8708 California Contra Costa County 925-313-6740 California San Francisco 415-252-3800 Colorado Denver 311 720-913-1311 Connecticut All cities 860-509-8000 Illinois Chicago 311 Kentucky Lexington 859-231-9791 Maryland Baltimore 331 443-984-2470 Massachusetts Boston 617-635-5322 Massachusetts Cambridge 617-665-3683 Michigan All cities 517-373-3740 Minnesota All cities 651-201-5000 New Mexico Albuquerque 311 505-768-2000 New York New York 311 North Carolina All cities 919-733-6407 Ohio Cincinnati & Hamilton County 513-591-6000 Ohio Columbus 311 614-645-3111 Texas Abilene-Taylor County 325-692-5600 Vermont All cities 211 Virginia Alexandria 703-838-4400 Ext. 326 Canada Service Phone Number Ottawa Public Health Department 613-580-6744 Toronto Public Health Department 416-338-7600

Bedbugs are prolific creatures! Bed bug females can lay up to 5 eggs each day, and up to 500 in a lifetime. Bed bugs must feed on blood in order to complete the breeding process, this makes humans a prime source of food for bedbugs. Dont delay. Report a bed bug infestation in your neighborhood as soon as you become aware of it, and protect your family and friends!

We all have to play a role if we are going to win the battle against bed bugs. Reporting assists the city with gathering statistics. They can then make comparisons to other cities and previous years and months. It can support cities in making certain monetary decisions regarding aid for bed bug infested areas and public housing and budget allocation.

In addition to calling to be proactive, you can also obtain valuable knowledge. Sites contain free information, downloadable manuals and fact sheets. Many city websites include articles on how to dispose of old furniture and bedding. They alsorecommend treatment options, explain how to implement an Integrated Pest Control Program, and provide a listing of local Pest Control Companies you can turn to. You can also visit our Find Pest Control page for companies who specialize in bed bugs.

Specific advice is usually targeted for tenants/landlords and schools. Many cities might even send out a representative to a building site and speak directly to the landlord on your behalf or recommend professional assistance.

If you are a renter and have an infestation, but your city is not listed, please call your State Public Health Department or Healthy Home division. They should be able to assist you and explain your rights as a tenant.

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Bed bug hotline directory report a Bed Bug Infestation

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