Purple brings ‘Harmony’ into the world, the only pillow of its kind for the best night’s sleep – Utah Pulse

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DetailsWritten by PR NewswireCreated: 25 November 2019

Purple Innovation, LLC announced the launch of the PurpleHarmony Pillow the world's first and only pillow with tapered 360 PurpleGrid Hextechnology designed to provide the most luxurious sleep.

The Purple Harmony Pillow offered in standard and tall sizes showcasesNo Pressure support, instantly adapting to your head and neck for personalized, premium comfort.All elementsof the hybridpillow have been meticulously engineeredto ensure durability (without any shape-shifting),and the Purple Grid Hex surrounds both sides of the pillow in a removable, easy-to-clean shell.Its more than 1,500 open-air channels optimize airflow for unbelievable comfort, helpingyou maintaina cool head throughout the night.The pillow's moisture-wicking breeze mesh cover, which is breathable and stretchy,also contributes to its cool comfort and optimal airflow.

The Purple Harmony Pillow features a ventilated, hypoallergenic Talalay latex core, providing asoft, springy response and ventilation to enhance the Hyper-Elastic Polymer material that's naturally cool and keeps the airflow moving.Talalay latex is also naturally inhospitable to dust mites, bedbugs and other common allergens, making it a popular choice for those with allergies.

"This is truly an innovation that is totally unique for both Purple and the industry. We tested more than 50 different prototypes over the past 12 monthstocreate the ideal balance of softness, coolness and responsivesupport that our proprietary technology delivers," saidJoe Megibow, chief executive officer at Purple. "Our Purple Harmony Pillow is not only an engineering feat, but truly the most comfortable, supportive pillow out there that's built to last for countless, well-rested nights."

For full details on the new Purple Harmony Pillow and Purple's entire lineup of mattress and bedding products, please visitPurple.com, visit Purple retail locations or connect with Purple onFacebook,Twitter,Instagram,YouTubeorPinterest.

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Purple brings 'Harmony' into the world, the only pillow of its kind for the best night's sleep - Utah Pulse

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