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Simple Bed Bug Preparation Guide

How to Prepare for Bed bug Extermination By Bed Bug pest Control Company

Bedbug Pest Control

Take a deep breath, relax as best as you can, if you are not afraid or ashamed to do so, please call a trusted friend or someone you trust toothed help you as you get ready and prepare your bed bug infested living space for a bed bug pest control extermination. It will require you a lot of careful detailed planning, forethought preparation and careful work to properly prepare your infested living space for bed bug removal and treatment.

It's time for you to get seriously focused about your Bed Bug Infestation.

You must know a bed bug infestation is not an example of the worst case scenario and product of a dirty person or unclean living space, wealth, race and status are not factors - bed bugs are equal opportunity blood drinkers. However, some people claim that its harder to see bed bug bites on darker or older skin.

Bedbug DatabaseYou must know the more cluttered and dirty your space, the more you create a luxury condo where bed bugs have lots of spaces and places to occupy for a new attacks, assaults and invasions.

Please Strive for a minimalism, clutter free living and constantly vacuumed / cleaned home, this makes your home less hospitable for bed bug colonies to hide, glide and thrive.

If you can't live a minimalism oriented or clutter free existence than at the very least you need to seal up all that stuff in plastic bags, so you do not create unnecessary safe harborages for bed bugs.

Bed Bug Infestations are considered very common and even normal in areas with high population density, especially New York City, because when bed bugs are improperly exterminated by "do it your self bed bug treatment programs" in one area they quickly move to a new location in search of a more hospitable place.

In the 1800's 75% of homes were said to be infested with bed bugs in Britain, and in europe an estimated 1 in 4, because they did not have the knowledge or chemicals to eradicate them.

Bedbug DatabaseBed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of and continuously go through hyper evolution, enabling them to be resistant to all kinds of pesticides in a very short amount of time. This is why only a professional pest control exterminator should do your bed bug treatment, because only pest control specialists can get the proper chemicals necessary. The key to an effective extermination treatment is education with proper and thorough preparation from the start.

Long Term Bed Bug Eradication Requires future prescience and ongoing Preventative Vigilance.

The key to long term bed bug pest control extermination is incorporating into your budget long term vigilant preventative maintenance with a certified (ask for certification #) and experienced Bed Bug Pest Control Exterminator company with monthly or quarterly visits for the best results. Even if you eradicate bed bugs in your own living space, there is still a risk of neighboring homes, apt's, and dwellings from harboring bed bugs which will eventually make a come back after you.

Although the "do it yourself" approach is more affordable, this typically just makes matters worse as inexperienced individuals who lack the professional training and licensing to get the proper chemicals often just cause the problem to explode - most of the natural remedies are ineffective, even the climb up interceptors do not stop bed bugs from skydiving into your bed - that is to say, they climb up the wall, then across the ceiling and fall into your bed.

Remember: Please remove all the hanging pictures from your walls, please vacuum the back of these items and then place them in one area of your living space for treatment by our expert bed bug pest control exterminators.

Also be aware of fly by night bed bug pest control exterminators with out licenses, because with the population explosion of bed bugs world wide, many people are seeking new money making opportunities as bed bug pest control exterminators with no license. Ask your exterminator for a license.

Choosing a good Pest Control Exterminator company for Bed Bug Removal and Treatment.

Bedbug BitesTake the time to Interview your Pest Control company on the phone and ask them for a certification and a bed but preparation check list, if they don't have these this it is typically a very clear sign you don't want to hire this pest control extermination company. Any experienced pest control company will have a bed bug preparation list they can email you or it is clearly listed on their web site. We provide this for you on our web site, just look on the bed bug page for a link called Bed Bug Preparation.

Now let's get ready for Bed Bug Treatment and Removal:

Things You'll Need for Bed Bug Preparation:

* Vacuum - for bed bugs and eggs, the nozzle should have brush or bristles on the end. You take off the sheets, comforters, etc.. stripping the bed down to the raw mattress, vacuum it, including every square inch of the mattress and box spring, then the entire bed frame, then take a scrub brush with hot water and soap, and scrub the mattress and box spring incase the vacuum didn't suck up all the tiny eggs which are attached to these units, then you're going to vacuum it again, every square inch, to make sure you got everything - then be prepared to later encase the mattress and box spring in plastic covers, make sure to get accurate measurements of the bed and give it to your pest control specialist before they come so they can order them.

Tip: Make sure you remove all the items from under the Bed before the exterminator comes.

Bed bugsAny bed bugs you missed will die inside the mattress and box spring covers - usually the mattress and box spring and bed frame and head board are also treated. This is how a pest control specialist normally treats your bed for bed bugs. If you were going to do it yourself you would do it this way, the problem is that any chemicals you used on the bed frame and head board, are probably insufficient because you need a special license to get the proper chemicals to treat for bed bugs - most of the over the counter products are not nearly as effective as the stuff the pest control specialists can order. The less effective products only help the bed bugs evolve and become more resistant, its like the your doctor telling you to take your complete anti-biotic's or viral medication when you have the flu or bacteria infection, even if you feel better, he tells you to take the complete cycle of medicine, to fully knock out the illness so it doesn't have a chance to evolve and become immune to the medicine.

*Sheets and pillow cases - you should choose to use WHITE colored mattress covers, blankets, sheets and pillow cases, they enable you to see blood stains more easily should bed bugs ever attack again, they can also help you more readily identify bed bug feces.

Bed Bugs Leaf Family* Laundry Detergent - to wash your clothes real good and make sure you dry them on a hot setting.

* Washing Machine - preferably hot water

* Dryer - with a high hot setting to finish off any bed bug eggs

* Garbage Bags or Sealed Storage Bags/Bins - bag up your clothes and linens.

* Steam Cleaner - For long term bed bug preventative maintenance, keep your rugs, carpets, furniture, drapes, and other fabrics steam cleaned.

* Patience!

* Get a tape measure and get good accurate measurements of the height, length and width of your bed and box spring, so the exterminator can order high quality bed sealing cover / containers for them.

Step 1

Verify that your pest problem is a bed bug infestation, capture some specimens in a glass and look at our Bed Bug Identification Page. This will probably involve a visual inspection by an exterminator to confirm the extent of the infestation.

Step 2

Bedbug Water prrof PillowPrior to extermination, remove all bedding from mattresses, gather all linens, clothing, etc. from living space. This includes any textile materials that are machine washable - pillows, mattress covers, anything - and those that must be dry cleaned. Even fabric that is in storage should be collected. Wash bedding and any clothing/fabrics that may have come in contact with bed bugs in HOT water, and dry in the dryer high heat if possible. Wash all other linens and fabrics as directed.

Step 3

After washing, place items in storage bins or bags, or garbage bags. Seal as much as possible to prevent bugs from entering and hiding in the clean fabrics.

Step 4

Empty closets in rooms where bugs have been found, or closets in which fabrics, linens, towels, etc. have been stored. The exterminator will need access into these spaces.

Step 5

Unplug electronic devices in rooms being exterminated. This will make the area more accessible to the exterminator.

Step 6

Vacuum floors, carpets, nooks and crannies. Steam clean, if possible, floors, rugs (if not machine washable), couch cushions, etc.

Step 7

Bed Bug Successfull Family TogetherMove objects away from perimeter of rooms. For example, if your sofa or bed is positioned against a wall, pull it away from the wall. The exterminator will need access to the perimeter of the rooms where bugs have been found, (probably bed rooms, living room, den/study). Vacuum along the perimeter of the room, if you were unable to before.

Step 8

Empty wooden bookshelves, desks, dressers, etc., and remove drawers if possible. Bed bugs can and will seek refuge between the boards of wooden furniture. This may include coffee tables, television stands, bed frames, photo frames, and box springs.

Step 9

Make sure to leave a contact number at which the exterminator can reach you, as you probably will not be allowed inside the space for at least 4 hours. Keep the exterminators number as well, to report any problems. The best exterminators offer a guarantee, so if your exterminator doesn't offer you a guarantee you don't want to hire them, because sometimes they will need to come more than once.

Step 10

Wait for all mattresses, sofas, etc. to dry before sitting or laying on them. The chemicals used to exterminate the premises will irritate your skin.


Long Term Bed Bug Pest Control.


0. Set aside 5 minutes every morning.

Inspect your body every morning when you wake up in a well lit bathroom with a mirror. Start from the top down inspecting your forehead, face, especially neck, then move down to the arms, fore arms, hands, thorax chest area, abdomen, pelvis, thy's, legs, feet. Just because you don't have welts, bumps or inflammation on your skin does not mean you do not have bed bugs, some bed bugs do not cause inflammation after they drink your blood. Bed Bugs are evolving and mutating so they become less detectable and harder to eradicate.

With a flash light, screw driver or credit card.


1. Closely inspect your removable bedding for blood spotting. Change your sheets, pillow cases and bedding once a week, wash them or have them washed thoroughly. The best color of sheets, pillow cases, blankets and so forth is white, it gives you the highest and best chance to see blood spotting. White is also the color hardest for bed bugs after their first molting to hide against white because they become dark brown.

2. closely inspect your bed, mattress, box spring and head board for black or blood spotting or signs of bed bug molting or the bed bugs themselves. The best color for these items is white, white color items makes it the hardest for bed bugs to hide. Mattresses and box springs come in all colors sizes and shapes, choose white color for best ability to monitor bed bugs.

Bed Bug Database - Sky Family3. Inspect all your furniture in your dwelling, especially furniture with drawers. Take out drawers, take items out and turn upside down and inspect. Bed Bugs also love couches and chairs where there are plenty of opportunities to hide out.

4. Inspect closets, top to bottom, you really should keep your clothes zipped up in sealed clothing containers.

5. Inspect drapery, valences, window coverings, venetian blinds etc...

6. Inspect wall hangings, by removing them from the wall.

7. Inspect all areas where they might hide, nooks, crannies, seams and cracks - those areas should be sealed properly.

8. Use Insect climb up identification tools like double sided tape around the legs of all furniture in your dwelling - but only after you have had a professional pest control exterminator treat your living dwelling.

9. Box spring and mattress covers should be replaced at expiration or if any tearing occurs. Don't buy the cheapest covers to save money, spend the money to get quality items that not only work, but are built to last.

10. Put old luggage, clutter and items you don't use in sealed garbage bags, keep your place clutter free as best you can.

Post Extermination - Long Term Vigilance.

* Suffering a bed bug infestation does not mean you keep an untidy home, or that you live in unfit conditions. They are extremely common and indiscriminate - presence of bed bugs does not speak to your personal hygiene habits or socioeconomic status.

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