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Bedbug DatabaseBed bugs symptoms are important to identify if you suspect you have bed bugs! These little blood suckers will make your life miserable! As a professional pest control inspector, I know the embarrassment they can cause. The first step in knowing if you have them is to identify the insect. For inspectors like myself, there are always certain symptoms I look to identify when looking for these parasites. Let us take a few minutes to identify how to look for the common signs.

Experts in the field of bed bugs say that these little pests do not carry any harmful or infectious microbes. Unfortunately however, one of the bed bugs symptoms that you may experience is biting as bed bugs feast off of human blood.

When they bite, bed bugs will inject saliva from their mouth into the bite location. This will lead to the most common bed bugs symptoms: itching and possible swelling of the area. These areas may become infected when scratched.

Bed beds can be most active during the night time when you are asleep which result in more common bed bugs symptoms as they secret a specific liquid that also carries an odor with it. If you see dark spots on your sheets that seem to be unexplained then this is more likely fecal stains from the bugs (specifically in areas where they may hide.)


Bed bugsBlood stains and dark spots on bedding from fecal matter are a sure sign of a bed bug infestation.The reason blood stains happen is either because you've rolled over and crushed an adult full of blood, or the anticoagulant they've injected worked well enough that you continued to bleed after the bed bug has fed. If you see anything like blood, or even empty skins (from molting) around your bed, chances are you have bed bugs. In general, bed bugs eat at night. Like a vampire, they only like to drink blood and to feed of some person or animal whilst they are in an incumbent position, either lying down resting or sleeping.

They have a small yet very sharp beak like nose, which they use to puncture the skin of their latest victim. In the process of breaking the skin, they allow the entry of a liquid, formed mostly from their own saliva, whose role it is to prevent the blood from coagulating too quickly, before they can drink their share. To understand the bed bug, is to know that they will draw blood and drink it for up to fifteen minutes from that single attack.

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