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Bedbug Detection

BedbugBed bugs are visible to the naked eye too. The reason that you dont see them around frequently is that they are nocturnal and they do not parade around in the day time. They are small insects that resemble the apple seed in shape and size, but they are a little thinner. The bed bugs are rounded on top. Many people do not even realize that they are seeing bed bugs when they see them for the first time, as the exposure to it is very less. It is hard to see crawling insects off late. Even in the hotels, you will not realize that it is a bed bug till it crawls up to your shoulders. The bed bugs are pretty shy. They do not move when you are moving. It is only when you are too much into your dream that they will even come forward to attack you.

The bed bugs are nocturnal. They are really active only during the night. Bed bugs carry this musty scent with them, and the smell is offensive. The room with the maximum amount of bed bug infestation will carry this smell. Bed bugs try to stay near their prey all the time. So, the best place to find them is where the humans stay, like the bedroom, or the living room. Sometimes, even the dining room turns out to their place of hiding.

Bed bug BiteOnce it is confirmed that they are hiding in a particular place, you need to check the mattresses, the beds, and crevices in sofas. These are the usual hiding spots for the bed bugs. The presence of the bed bugs is accompanied by a reddish brown stain in the place where they stay. If the female bug lays eggs, there will be white nymphs located there. You will be able to see the excrement, and the shed skins in case bed bugs are present. In case you want to know if they are present, try waking up in the dead of the night, and stay still, you might feel them crawling over you to your shoulders or any exposed part. If you move a bit, it will also back out, and if you again stay still, it will advance to the exposed part. In case you move again, it will get freaked and it will run away to its hideout.

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Allergic reactions to bites have been apparent in most people as the repeated bites have caused the skin to be sensitized to their saliva. The bite signs are misleading and can resemble the appearance of other blood seeking insects like fleas and mosquitoes. People bitten the first time sometimes even mistake the bites as poison ivy or spider bites.The distinguishing characteristic is the small red dot in the center of each bed bug bite.

Bed bug DatabaseAdult females lay as much as 5 eggs a day or 500 in their entire lifetime. As aforementioned these eggs are whitish in color sometimes they are visible enough to see without the use of magnifying devices. Toprevent these eggs from ever spreadingand to trap them inside your infested mattress you need to use an effective and provenbedbug mattress cover. These eggs can be found in crevices or cracks in the wall, floor, behind wallpaper, in furniture, baseboards and the like. Their flat characteristic makes it easy for them to find dwelling in tiny crevices. From its namesake bed bugs are often found living inbeds, tufts, seams, mattress crevices, box springs the headboard or the bed frame can be itself their sprawling Beverly Hills neighborhood. While it is common for the bed to be their domicile, nightstands, sofas, upholstered chairs, clocks, telephones, wall fixtures, and even ceiling fixtures like your smoke detector is more than enough space to set up camp.

If a company tells you that the bed bug dog is 100% effective, be wary. No dog or human can be 100% effective in detecting bedbugs, so its important that they are honest with you. If you are hire a bedbug sniffing dog team, you should make sure that the inspector is independent from an exterminator, as it would be a conflict of interest for them to do so. There are many different certifications available for bed bug dog teams, but despite their professional sounding acronyms, this doesnt exactly mean that a dog team is more effective if they have this certification. Training and handling are the two most important factors that influence a dogs success in detection, not a certification with an organization.
In conclusion, if youre concerned about bed bugs, you should most definitely consider a dog inspection team to first detect a problem, if there is one. Detection is the first step in bedbug control.

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