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Frederik Veldman,

Stoney Creek


With the current soup du jour fad, "defund the police" movement, I ask, why stop there? Seriously, let's fight injustice and oppression at the highest levels.

Lets take this to the top. Let's defund and disband the government. Weve all survived the past three-plus months of limited government services, limited public sector workers, and government officials.

Who do you think make the laws and policies that are oppressing society? Not only that, but, collecting paycheques off the backs of taxpayers struggling to stay afloat while taxes are used as personal slush funds for politicians trying to buy votes or fund vanity projects.

All while the working class struggles to put food on the table and those needing help with addictions, mental health, and services to stop impoverishment are only given token help. Just enough to keep people in office while offering "help more" if you just vote them in again. To stop oppression, we need to dismantle the hierarchy. City hall should cut 50 per cent of their employees and go to five councillors. Its time for people to reclaim their freedoms our forefathers died for.

Sarah Warry-Poljanski,

Hamilton Mountain



Yesterday morning, on my daily walk, I could not help but offer a prayer of thanks for a sky bluer than I have seen it for many years, a benefit of the response to COVID-19, the reduction of carbon emissions. I hope that Mr. Bartlett noticed.

There was no comparison with Anne Frank, in another letter. I was amazed that she and her family survived, hidden from the Nazis, cooped up for so long. She and her family provided a good lesson for all of us who are apt to complain about being confined or restricted for a few months.

There is no evidence that anyone covered up the fact the virus originated at a wild animal market in Wuhan, China.

"Keeping young and healthy people indoors" may be a good thing, not a bad thing as Mr. Bartlett claims, especially since the highest number of cases of COVID-19 is among that cohort.

Loblaws, Metro, Sobeys and other food companies are not suffering financially. Why does Mr. Bartlett not take them to task for taking advantage of the suffering of others?

Mr. Bartlett's claim that COVID-19 is inhibited by heat and sunshine is disproved by all the people who gathered on beaches in Florida during spring break and contracted the virus. The virus has killed more Americans than those who died in the First World War, 119,000, and more than died in the war in Vietnam, 58,220. Speaking of Vietnam, there have been no deaths from the virus in that country, which does not get along with China, despite being communist.

Mr. Bartlett could better spend his energies railing against the private owners of long-term care homes where large numbers of older people lie in their own excrement, are infected with bed bugs and cannot receive visitors.

Kenneth Jackson,


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