Can I file a lawsuit against a hotel or motel for bed bug …

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Yes! Attorneys Dell and Schaefers bed bug Lawyers have been representing victims of bed bug attacks across Florida since 1979. Hotels and motels owe a legal duty to guests to ensure their premises are safe and free from bed bugs. Most importantly, hotels and motels owe a duty to all guests that the facilities are suitable for humans to occupy. This is known as the warrant of habitability. Hotel and motel owners have the responsibility of inspecting their property to safeguard that Bed bugs do not exist on the premises. If they fail to do so, they are in direct breach of the warranty of habitability.

In order to pursue a bed bug lawsuit, the victim of a bed bug Attack must show the hotel or motel owner failed to reasonably inspect the property or failed to remedy a known bed bug problem. When this occurs and a victim suffers injuries as a result of the hotel or motels negligence, they are liable to the guest for the resulting injuries. According to attorney Craig Dell, the majority of the bed bug injuries we see occurs when a property owner fails to warn a guest of a dangerous condition on the property or fails to follow proper procedures in order to keep the property safe.

Bed bug Attorneys Dell and Schaefer recently resolved a case for a family of four attacked by bed bugs at a Fort Lauderdale Motel. The family went to bed and woke up the next morning covered in welts. The father searched the beds and found thousands of bed bugs infesting the mattress. The father went to the front desk and filed a formal complaint. A motel representative came to the room and claimed the bugs were harmless ants and the family must have been attacked by mosquitoes earlier in the day. The motel refused to accept responsibility for the bed bugs.

The family contacted our bed bug Attorneys and we immediately hired a bed bug Expert to inspect the property. The bed bug expert noted in his report that he discovered bed bugs in almost every square foot of the room, dead Bed bug carcasses in the corners of the room, and the mattresses were full of Bed bugs to the point they would spill out of the mattresses when a person would sit on the bed.The motel offered our clients little next to nothing. The attorneys at Dell and Schaefer were able to successfully compensate the family for their pain and suffering as well as the full value of their damaged belongings.

If youve been bitten or injured by bed bugs, contact the experienced attorneys at Dell and Schaefer for a free consultation.

You can also read more info about bed bugs and Florida bed bugs cases our lawyers resolved.

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Can I file a lawsuit against a hotel or motel for bed bug ...

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