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Ants of all kinds.

Rodents, roaches, and red-tailed bumble bees.

Silverfish, spiders, and sow bugs.

And on and on and on

The list of potential pests in the Pacific Northwest is long, indeed.

Fortunately,The Bug Manis ready to handle them all.

For more than 30 years, The Bug Man has provided outstanding pest control and pest removal services to our Oregon and Southwest Washington neighbors.During that time, weve remained true to one of our core beliefs: We can eliminate pests while still taking care of the environment.

In fact, we use EPA-certified products.

The Bug Man is staffed by a dedicated group of expert pest control technicians. Each member of our team is licensed and participates in continuous education and training to stay on top of the latest and most effective pest control procedures.

Specifically, each and every one of The Bug Mans pest control techsiscertified by the departments of agriculture in both Oregon and Washington. This means theyve passed rigorous and specific licensing programs, including 40 hours of additional instruction in order to keep their certifications current.

The Bug Man guarantees its work and always provides free phone estimates for the job.

If any of the pests on our Find Your Bug list are causing you trouble,contact The Bug Mantoday to get started on a safe, effective and environmentally responsible program of treatment, removal, and eradication.

Take a look at our extensive (and growing!) list of bugs to get an idea of what might be plaguing you. Whether you have aresidential pest problemor acommercial pest problem, The Bug Man has the tools, the skills, and the know-how to solve it.

Every bug is different, and each property presents its own unique challenges. Utilizing the latest pest-control techniques, and our integrated pest management system, The Bug Man will develop a treatment plan specifically for your individual needs.

We can even set up a treatment plan that prevents pest problems before they start. Call The Bug Man today and learn how monthly, quarterly, biannual, or annual service can help you.

The Bug Man also offers home inspectionsin cases where the homeowner is looking to sell. We also service multifamily housing, RVs, commercial properties, professional buildings, food processing centers, high-tech facilities. We also have a long and successful history of treating pest control problems within health care and government buildings, as well as schools and restaurants.

For the past 30 years, The Bug Man has been eliminating pests everything from carpenter ants and termites to roaches, bedbugs, hornets, wasps, beetles, rats, mice, moles, moths, and more!

Contact The Bug Man today to get started on a treatment program, and get rid of those pesky pests.

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Common Bugs in Oregon | The Bug Man Portland & Vancouver ...

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