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Serving The Entire State

Plunketts Pest Control is proud to service the entire state of North Dakota. Miles of open fields and plains are no match for the pesky critters that roam the prairies. Not only do we service your home and residential areas, we also offer commercial pest control services.

Whether youre in the midst of an infestation, or youre in need of a quick solution for ants in your kitchen, Plunketts technicians are on call and ready to help. No matter your location in North Dakota, were here to provide efficient, timely service. You can count on us time and time again to take care of your rural farmland or commercial property.

Thanks to varying weather conditions, North Dakota welcomes a variety of pests that buzz in from season to season. Come thunderstorm or snowstorm, pests are plentiful and Plunketts is prepared and experienced to tackle your pest issues. While residents may see a wide variety of creatures, common pests include:

While North Dakota occasionally sees reports of bed bugs, they often make their way into homes and commercial areas through travelers. Wherever you travel, be sure to avoid a run in with the critters, and take precautions to protect your house and belongings when you get home.

Bed bugs in North Dakota can cause health risks and headaches for homeowners, but Plunketts Pest Control can deal with them in a timely matter. We offer effective, safe and efficient heat treatments that utilize advanced technology, so theres no need to lose sleep over the bed bugs in your home.

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North Dakota Pest Control Services | Plunkett's Pest Control

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