NDSU Treating Student Housing Pest Problems

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As we all escape inside to avoid the frigid weather, so are some unwanted guests in NDSU student housing.

The school is working to remove bed bugs, rodents and roaches from the University Village Apartments.

"The pest problems have been an issue, particularly the bed bug issues have been there for about 10-15 years across the country," says Assistant Dean for Student Life Michael Harwood.

NDSU works with their maintenance staff and has a contract with Johnson's Pest Control. They remove the bugs by fumigation or heat treatment.

"Those treatments for bed bugs are about $1,000 a piece, so we go in and do that heat treatment and it's no cost to the student," says Harwood.

As students travel to and from the university, they can transport the pesky travelers.

"They can cling to your luggage and that's the way they're brought in," he says.

Officials also say that students looking to affordably furnish their apartments need to be careful.

"If they pick up a piece of furniture from a local sale anywhere, I mean, that can have infestation in it too," he says.

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NDSU Treating Student Housing Pest Problems

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