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It brings us no joy whatsoever to report that Chapel of Love, the Mall of America wedding venue thats been marrying couples for28 years, is closing at the end of August. OwnerFelicia Glass-Wilcox is retiring; their last day will be August 28. It will be a sad day, but we know that the future will hold many great adventures, plus we have our fond memories or our wonderful clients which we will forever hold in our hearts, reads a farewellFacebook postfrom Glass-Wilcox,who told Bring Me The Newsthat selling the business would have been too much of an uphill battle.The chapel has performed more than 8,300 ceremonies since opening in 94, according to its website, and theyll sneak in a few more before closing the doorstheyre offering$50 off in their August wedding special.

Some good labor news from the world of broadcast journalism. WCCO-TVs employees and newsroom producers are already included in the nearly 117,000 members of the Screen Actors Guild American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). Now theyll have some new union siblings among their co-workers. The stations 15 digital content producers and assignment desk editors voted unanimously to join the union, and have been officially recognized as a bargaining unit following a National Labor Relations Board certification. Discussion began with SAG-AFTRA in 2019. Locally, SAG-AFTRA represents employees at Minnesota Public Radio, its stations the Current and MPR Classical, and the radio folks at WCCO-AM.

Is there a Kris Lindahl imposter in Canada, grinning down from billboards with arms outstretched, promising the people of Ontario an unbeatable real estate experience? Thats for the courts to decide. Lindahl, the inescapableTwin Cities mega-realtor, is suing Rob Golfi, a Canadian counterpart whose arms-forward marketing appears eerily similar to Lindahls. (You can read thelawsuithere; you can view two allegedly smoking video guns below.) Bring Me the Newsprovides a nice breakdownof the goofy legal action, which sees Lindahl seeking damages over alleged trademark infringement and breach of contract. In this case, taking legal action was a last resort, and it followed our repeated requests and efforts to resolve the situation outside of court,thestrange-tweetin,doomed-Zillow-partnerin,lake-lovinlocal real estate tycoonsaid in a statement Monday to Racket. As you surely recall, the OG local arm-stretcherfiled a curious trademark applicationto projecthis arms out pose in June, though this international legal complaint is unrelated.

This week, the public may decide, as the former SNL cast member/U.S. Senator is up to a lot of stuff, including hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live and headlining at Acme Comedy Co. A refresher on how Franken canceled himself: In 2008 he was elected to rep Minnesota in the U.S. Senate. About nine years later, radio personality Leeann Tweeden came forward in an interview alleging that hed forcibly kissed and groped her during a USO Tour rehearsal. Then a pic of Franken making a lewd gesture while Tweeden was asleep surfaced. At the urging of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Franken resigned in 2018, and we were ushered into a new Tina Smith era.

Tonight, Franken will be on Kimmel with Bob Odenkirk, fresh from his Better Call Saul series finale. Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) will also be there (testing those waters too, eh?). Then, from Wednesday through Saturday, hell be headlining six sold-out shows at Acme. I guess the Acme crowd has forgiven him, but this is the same venue that sold out shows to Louis C.K., so YMMV.

And he documented his experience on Twitter with plenty of bug and rash photos. The voice actor/comedian was in town for some gigs, and upon checking into the downtown Hilton near the convention center, he was unimpressed. The place looked & smelled like the only people staying there were waiting until things with the police cooled down or their wives took them back, he tweeted. After spending some time in his room, he found a bug on his sock and asked to speak to management. First he tried to tell me its a tick, but he had looked up bed bug on his phone and its the twin of the image on his phone, he writes. After cleaning up, Guerreros relocated to a different hotel, one not located next to an off ramp and a crumbling building. The horrors didnt end there, though, as Guerreros had a bite reaction that involved redness and swelling, ultimately leading to trip to the hospital for meds he has to take every six hours for a week. The Hilton, however, says they are officially bed bug-free. The hotel responded swiftly and conducted third-party testing which resulted in no traces of bed bugs in the room, the company told Bring Me the News.

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Last Chance to Get Hitched at the Mall - Racket - Racket

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