‘You want us to eat this s***?’ J.R. Smith and Joel Embiid join NBA players blasting ‘airline’ meals – Armenian Reporter

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A number of NBA players have hurled complaints about the mediocre quarantine food theyre served while stayingat the Disney World bubble ahead of the season start in Florida.

As hundreds of pro basketball players descended upon Orlando on Tuesday in preparation of the resumed season on July 30, the largest headline to emerge was players comparing their subpar meals to airline food as images surfaced online.

J.R. Smith, 34, of the Los Angeles Lakers shared the most recent critique on Friday when he hopped on Instagram Live to moan about his food options.

Were professional athletes and all that, right? Smith asks his Instagram followers.

$50millionsome of these guys are creating a year! And you want us to eat this s***?

Smith then pans the camera to show a pile of packaged food, including skittles, Doritos and other snacks.

NBA star J.R. Smith (pictured) shared his review on the meals and snacks provided to players while staying in Orlando, Florida, prior to the official season start this month

And then theyll be over there crying that they can not stay healthy and their bodys breaking down and all this other s***

Im just saying bro. You want a Ferrari to run just like a Ferrari since you paid for it as a Ferrari, nevertheless, you keep gassing it up with all thisChrysler s***.

Smith then ends the segment by saying hes just happy to be back.

A photo of Smith from the exact same day shows him looking fed up while holding a microwavable Velveeta mac and cheese cup.

Smith took to Instagram Live to shared video of the snack that he was given, including skittles, Doritos, cookies and other unhealthy snacks

Smith: Im just saying bro. You want a Ferrari to run like a Ferrari because you covered it as a Ferrari, but you keep gassing it up with all thisChrysler s***

However, Smith seemed to produce a briefly reconsider his reviews on the NBA campus during a 2nd Instagram Live on Friday.

In the video, he excitedly lists off decadent options on the ball player menu like braised beef short ribs and New York strip steak.

Smith will play using one of 22 teams for an NBA season tournament starting this month. Players have traveled to Orlando stay remain in one of three Walt Disney World hotels in a quarantine bubble.

But other players likePhiladelphia 76ers player Joel Embiid were less impressed by the menu.

On Thursday, Embiid shared a photo of his meal with the disparaging comment, definitely losing 50 lbs.

The photo showed a chicken white meat, mashed potatoes, pasta, two salads, and other snack items packaged away in takeout containers.

Embiid then shared a meme showing a skinny basketball player with the caption: Me by the time Im done here.

Embiid touched down in Orlando wearing a complete hazmat suitafter saying that he doesnt trust fellow players to quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Joel Embiid was also not impressed by the foodstuff provided to NBA players in Orlando, Florida, this week while they quarantine

The photo showed a chicken breast, mashed potatoes, pasta, two salads, and other snack items packaged away in takeout containers.

The Philadelphia76ers shared a meme joking about his potential weight loss saying Me by the time Im done here

Embiid (pictured) boarded the plane to Orlando, Florida, in a hazmat suit this week over fears of catching COVID-19

The star center, 26, was pictured pulling up the hood of the protective suit as that he boarded a jet out of Philadelphia with his teammates on Thursday.

Earlier this week,Troy Daniels of the Denver Nuggets shared an underwhelming first look at player meals.

Daniels posted two photos on social media, including one shot of a red, plastic bag of food placed outside his hotel room on a brown cafeteria tray.

A card emblazoned with the NBA logo described a good meal that included pasta with meatless Bolognese sauce and roasted summer veggies.

However, the contents of the bag were less appetizing, and had a slight resemblance to airline food, as numerous social media commenters pointed out.

Others likened the meal to the cheese sandwiches given to customers at Fyre Fest, the 2017 music festival that famously failed to deliver some of the luxurious amenities promised to concertgoers.

Daniels (pictured last month) found its way to Orlando on Tuesday with the Denver Nuggets squad

Denver Nuggets guard Troy Daniels posted two photos on social media marketing, which included one shot of a red, plastic bag of food placed outside his accommodation on a brown cafeteria tray

The contents of the bag were less appetizing, and had hook resemblance to airline food

Jamess former teammate Isaiah Thomas does not think the four-time MVP will like the food

A photo shared to social media marketing appeared to show a stark big difference in meals served to Troy Daniels andKyle Kyzma of the Los Angeles Lakers

No way Bron eating this LOL, Isaiah Thomas, LeBron James former teammate, wrote on Twitter in response.

On Thursday, that he responded to a tweet that compared Daniels bland meal to that of Kyle Kyzma of the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Los Angeles Lakers meal that appeared to have a sushi rolls among other available choices.

Lmaooooo the food will undoubtedly be better following the quarantine process .!! Im clear on it, wrote Daniels.

Los Angeles Clippers playerMontrezl Harrell simply shared a photo of what appeared to be baked chicken.

This aint it, write Montrezl. Yeah, Im about to starve out within Orlando.

Los Angeles Clippers player Montrezl Harrell shared a displeasing photo of baked chicken that joined one of several complaints made by players this week

Pictured:Montrezl Harrell #5 of the LA Clippers during the 2nd half of the NBA game against the Phoenix Suns at Talking Stick Resort Arena

Arriving with the Houston Rockets, forward Ben McLemore shared a brief 10 second video to Instagram of his steak meal.

The meat was cut apart to fit inside the packaging container and looked a little small.

Not today,McLemore says, shaking his head vehemently and closing the top of the container.

Only McLemores teammate DeMarre Carroll seemed quite happy with the NBAs current menu as that he praised it on social media marketing.

Ben McLemore (right) shared a photo of his food (left) on Instagram and said not today

DeMarre Carroll with the Houston Rockets appeared to enjoy his meal and even accused other players of lying concerning the experience

Carroll: Where Im from, thats good cooking right here. Im not sure if Im tripping or not

Man, they on Instagram cappin man. says Carroll.A video he shared showed meals of chicken, green beans, salad, potatoes and a carrot cake.

Thats solid cooking where Im from, that he added. Where Im from, thats good cooking right here. Im maybe not sure if Im tripping or not.

Apart from the foodstuff, NBA players have found other problems with their accommodations.

Los Angeles Lakers player Rajon Rondo compared his hotel room to a Motel 6, garnering backlash from those that speculated he is never actually been to motel chain.

A photo shared by Rondo showed a spacious accommodation with a sizable bed, desk space and typical utilities of a hotel room.

While NBA players complain about their menus, women with the WNBA have now been forced to deal with bed bugs and worms.

The WNBA players are facing worms, mouse traps and bed bugs over at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. Players are staying at the academys lodge, which has disappointed to say the least.

Players circulated images upon arriving at their temporary living conditions on Monday. More information emerged Tuesday, and NBA players such as Damian Lillard and Nassir Little spoke out against the unsanitary scenes depicted in the pictures.

ESPNs Kayla Johnson suggested WNBA players wouldnt normally have agreed to remain in the bubble at IMG Academy should they knew what the food or lodging will be like in Bradenton

Meanwhile the WNBA players are facing worms, mouse traps and bed bugs at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. Players are currently staying in the academys lodge

One photo showed a worm on the ground of a hotel room, while another showed a mouse trap in the laundry room. Deadspin reported Tuesday that two teams needed to change rooms as a result of an infestation of bed bugs, quoting a source saying the league is working to fix some issues.

Smfh I really hope this is fake, Lillard wrote on Twitter.

Little added: Bruh there is no way. That aint okay.

Later Seattle Storm star Breanna Stewart posted images of what she claimed were bed bugs under another players mattress.

Bleacher Report reported Tuesday that a survey was sent to people in lodge housing, and that IMG Academy executives were working to address the problems.

The WNBA is planning to play a 22-game season before a traditional playoff, all held at the IMG Academy bubble.

The NBA season is set to restart July 30 with a 22-team tournament at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Campus at Disney World in Orlando, with scrimmages slated to begin July 22.

Players are now being housed in three Walt Disney resorts in the town, specificallyThe Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, the Yacht Club Resort and the Gran Destino Tower at Coronado Springs Resort.

Player movement is heavily restricted at Disney, where players will undoubtedly be required to maintain social distancing and undergo regular testing while remaining stop from the remainder of society.

There is a 24-hour concierge service and teams have Disney chefs and cooks to available to create menus for teams, but all that may not be operational just yet.

The NBA released a statement Wednesday, emphasizing that there is never a shortage of food options [and] players can always request additional food by speaking with their team nutritionists.

The resumption of the NBA season comes amid the nationwide coronaivrus pandemic as cases are spiking in a number of states, including Florida.

During the required quarantine period when teams first arrive to the NBA Campus at Orlando, meals are delivered directly to hotel rooms. Each of the 22 NBA teams were paired with a Disney culinary team, who meets with each NBA teams nutritionists regularly to create menus to support specific team needs. After clearing quarantine, players will also connect to various restaurants on campus and delivery options to pick from. Players will receive three meals each day and four meals on gamedays. There is never a shortage of food options players can always request additional food by addressing their team nutritionists.

Like other sports leagues, the NBA temporarily halted its regular 2020 season as cases nationwide notably climbed and players began testing positive for herpes.

Florida is now among the worst affected states in the united kingdom, recording yet another 11,433 new cases on Friday.

233,000 Floridians have tested positive to the coronavirus since the outbreak began back March 4,008 state residents have died.

An internal FEMA memo leaked Thursday revealed that the ICU departments in 56 Florida hospitals are actually at capacity, with yet another 35 significantly more than 90 per cent full.

Several players have expressed concerns about returning to play following the league unveiled in June that 16 players tested positive for the coronavirus after the initial screening for the season.

We can not sit on the sidelines indefinitely, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said in a conference call with reporters on Friday. We must adapt.

We believe it will be safer on our campus than off it. But this is not business as usual.

The Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is certainly one of three Disney properties that the NBA will inhabit

Disneys Coronado Springs Resort outside Orlando, where COVID-19 cases are spiking

The names of the players that have tested positive were not released, but a few players have announced theyre infected, such as for example Indiana Pacers guard Malcolm Brogdon, although some, like Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic, are reported to have contracted COVID.

Out of precaution, Embiid wore a full hazmat suit as her boarded a plane from Philadelphia to Orlando.

The Cameroonian-born athlete told NBC Sports Tuesday: Unfortunately, Im maybe not a big fan of the idea. But Im going to do my job. Im not going to let the city down. Im going to represent my city thats what Ive always done my family, my teammates. The mindset does not change.

It does not matter the fact I dislike that idea and I still dont think in it. I dont think its going to be secure enough.

Embiid told the network he has been social distancing since the 2019-2020 NBA season was suspended on March 11.

However, that he doesnt trust that other stars in the NBA have been doing the same.

I know Im going to do the right things, I know I dont ever do any such thing, I only play video gaming, Im always home I do not do any such thing. But however ,, I do not trust those other guys to do the same. But, like I said, Ive gotta do my job, that he stated

There a currently more than three million confirmed coronavirus cases in the US and a death toll of 130,000

The NBA distributed a handbook describing the amenities for players staying in one of three Disney World properties: The Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, the Yacht Club Resort and the Gran Destino Tower at Coronado Springs Resort.

(Source: ESPN)

Disneys Yacht Club Resort will house a few NBA teams for some of the summer

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