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If you read Darrell Smiths story on the many events coming up in just a few weeks at this years Fayette County Free Fair you will realize just how fast the summer is flying by.

As usual, our county fair is one of the last on Indianas county fair schedule. Its been that way for years and is unlikely to change anytime soon.

The decision after considerable debate to obtain sponsors for many of the fair attractions came after most other fairs had taken similar action years ago. But fair officials found little trouble in obtaining sponsors, which was like a giant leap in financing the week-long event.

A first this year will be a Friday night dinner in the pavilion, something that has never happened in previous years. Now, counting the traditional meal on Sunday by the Fayette County Pork Producers, the pavilion will be utilized the entire week. Of course, we all know the biggie in eating is Tuesday nights huge St. Gabriel chicken fry.

Its doubtful if any of the others will outdraw that one. It will draw between 1,500 and 2,000, which is not at all unusual all in the space of three hours.

The CHS Band Boosters accepted the challenge for Friday nights feed, offering pulled pork barbecue and chicken sandwiches, with baked beans, macaroni and cheese, along with drinks and dessert.

Vendor space is sold out, with a waiting list having been established should vacancies turn up. And the Liberty Building will now serve as the entertainment center, the walleye stand will return and a greater effort will be made to accommodate handicapped folks. The fair opens with the usual Sunday afternoon parade, which will end this year on the 14 Acres, a change that will help traffic on the pool side as the parade is underway.

Otherwise, no major changes are known to be forthcoming at the fair office, according to Amy Siler, Fair Board secretary and office manager. Those seeking to get information in the News-Examiner can relay details to the press table in the office.

Ranked No. 1

U.S. News and World Report, a weekly national magazine, has ranked Indiana as the best-run state in American based on fiscal responsibility, streamlined operations, improved services and enhanced transparency.

Factors in determining the ranking involved the states record in improving roads and bridges, supporting education, ensuring public safety and strengthening the workforce.

Recent laws supporting law enforcement, expanding addiction treatment and curbing drug addiction also contributed to the magazines choice.

Penguins unique

You might be aware of the fact that penguins mate for life but did you know that before they mate, theres a proposal? Its true a penguin will spend a significant amount of time searching for the perfect pebble to offer to its prospective mate.

Too much TV?

If youre like the average American, you spend about 17 minutes a day exercising and 10 hours a day looking at a TV screen.

Closing laughs

Did you hear about the two bed bugs who met in the mattress? They got married in the spring.

How do fireflies start a race? Answer: Ready, set, glow!

Have a pleasant evening.

Dick Konstanzer retired as editor of the News-Examiner in 1992 after more than 40 years with the newspaper. He and his wife, Carolyn, are the 2013 recipients of the Hoosier State Press Associations Charlie Biggs Commitment to Community award.

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Free Fair drawing closer - Newsexaminer

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