Aurora leads (six) pack in expensive beer?

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Not sure about you, but I suffer from a bad case of List-itis..

These now ubiquitous compilations of worse/best places in America seem to be crawling out of the woodwork like bed bugs in a seedy motel.

When those Top Ten lists began emerging years ago they garnered a lot of attention. And no wonder: Our attention deficit disordered society love quick-hit lists that require little brain effort, certainly no scrutiny. But now theyve multiplied to the point every city, suburb and one-horse town in America has likely ended up on a list or two.

Granted, weve done our fair share of stories on them. And local communities have used them to their advantage. Just ask anyone who lives in Naperville, the seemingly best place to raise kids in the entire universe.

And certainly no one from City Hall was complaining when Aurora, which not that long ago was known for its high murder rate, ended up on a Top Ten list of the countrys safest mid-size cities.

Then there were the more unflattering and certainly more subjective lists. Like Oswego and Huntley dubbed the most boring places in Illinois; a distinction that seemed based on little more than the lack of dance clubs in town.

This more recent one brought to my attention is even more questionable, though its supposedly based on solid data: Cities with the cheapest and most expensive beer.

Aurora, the blue collar town that it is, ended up at the top. But not for having the cheap stuff. Rather, it leads the pack as being the most expensive place inthe entire U.S. of A. to buy a six-pack.

According to a story posted on the MarketWatch website citing information from WalletHub, the average price of a six pack (either 12-ounch cans or 1.5 liter bottles) was $13.32 in Aurora and Chicago; compared to just $7.41 in the cheapest place, Baton Rouge, La.

Aurora and Chicago were followed by New York at $10.28 and Anchorage at $10.26.

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Aurora leads (six) pack in expensive beer?

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