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Allied Termite and Pest Control has been servicing the Illinois and Missouri area since 1955. Our expert technicians utilize a fleet of trucks to solve all of your pest control needs.

Residential and commercial customers rely on our proven methods, affordable prices, expert advice along with fast, reliable and accurate service.

We remediate pest problems concerning termites, bedbugs, carpenter ants, roaches, brown recluse spiders, all stinging insects, flies, all biting insects, mice and rats.

We offer consulting and staff training as well as written reports.Allied Termite and Pest Control honors all competitors annual termite contracts.

Bed Bug problems? Call Allied Termite and Pest Control today.

Bed Bug Hotline: 618-407-5987

Our skilled team of technicians are standing by to help solve your bed bug problems once and for all. We not only can perform bed bug inspections but also offer different types of treatment options.

Treatment Options Conventional bed bug treatments are extremely tedious, require multiple visits, a significant amount of and use more than one application of insecticides to control the situation. Bed bugs are growing increasingly resistant, and there are fewer treatment alternatives as regulatory restrictions have diminished many product options. However, with the use of allied termite and pest solutions, a bed bug infestation can be eliminated in a short period of time, with the use of our proven methods, allowing businesses to resume or residents to occupy the treated room quickly.

Want to know more? Call Allied Termite and Pest today.

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Allied Termite and Pest Control

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