These 10 Bugs Found In Alaska Will Send Shivers Down Your …

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When the average person hears the words bug and Alaska in the same sentence, they are sent into some sort of frenzy; absentmindedly swatting at the air, and talking about football sized mosquitoes waiting patiently at the door of your tent like a blood sucking hover craft. Luckily, Im here to tell you that the mosquitoes in Alaska may be alittle larger than life but they arent all that bad, nor are they the only bugs that will completely and totally creep you out. Beware scrolling through this list, your skin will start crawling (heaven knows mine did as I wrote this) and I guarantee youll check your sheets before going to bed tonight.

This spider only gets creepier as it gets older. You see that sticky looking hair it's covered in? That actually collects dust and lint as it ages, making it look more and more like this giant, evil fluffy thing that bites like no other. Only it doesn't bite, no, it stabs you with its beak! The beak is meant to kill other insects by repeatedly stabbing them to death. Possibly the worst thing about the Masked Hunter is that its main prey is the bed bug. That means if your bed has bed bugs, it probably also has some of these Masked Hunters creeping around too.

Let's cool things down a bit, after learning about that horrific Masked Hunter it may be nice to know that there is this thing called a non-venomous spider and one of them is the Feather-Legged Spider.

I was always under the impression that a stink bug only stinks when you step on it, but in reality the stink bug can emit it's stinky stink pretty much any time it wants! So don't piss this little guy off, he's got a big smell about him and I promise you wont like it. The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is mostly a pest to fruit plants and trees so you don't need to worry about it crawling in bed with you. The funny thing about this bug is it was accidentally imported from Asia and now it can be found all over North America, even Alaska!

The Black and Yellow Mud Dauber is actually a wasp, but it's much more laid back than other wasps out there so don't fret, this guy isn't as scary as he looks. Check him out, he wont be interested in stinging a person unless they really mess with him.

The Assassin Bug is in the same family of insects as the Masked Hunter. It too has a beak that's used to aggressively stab it's prey to death and suck the life juices out of it. The bug is also well known for inflicting painful bites on humans so if you ever see one, step away!

This bug should come with a hovering DO NOT TOUCH sign because it has a seriously painful and dangerous sting. The Cow Killer may look like an ant but it is simply a really hairy wasp with a sting strong enough to tip a cow. That's right, this tiny little bug can kill cattle! Imagine what it's bite would do to you.

Legs, legs, everywhere! This bug has 15 pairs, that's 5... 7... plus 13... carry the 2, 30 legs on this sucker!!! I'm pretty sure in the bug world, the more legs you have the creepier you are. Luckily, the House Centipede is a friendly little guy who's tasked with the removal of other, more frightening pests from your home. Be thankful to these really scary looking buggers.

The Himmelman's Plume Moth isn't a bug to worry about but it can be intimidating if you catch it flying straight toward your forehead. These guys can either look like a mosquito or just a dead piece of leaf on the ground when not in flight. Either way, they wont hurt you. Sheesh, it's just a moth, calm down!

A flash of light from the ground, you jump, you squeal, you run! The Metallic Crab Spider has won again. These spiders are members of the Running Crab Spider clan but don't worry they can't catch up with you. They just use their super fast speed to catch other bugs, not your ankles!

A scary name for a seriously scary bug. The Wolf Spider is feared pretty much anywhere it can be found. They are like a hairy, big, black tarantula. Only maybe not so big... just equally as scary. Don't worry, even they hang out in houses they really only come out at night, so just keep your bedroom door shut tight... unless you're too late and they are patiently waiting behind your dresser or night stand.

Which of these bugs bugged you the most? Let me know in the comments.

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These 10 Bugs Found In Alaska Will Send Shivers Down Your ...

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