Coachlight Apartments – Midwest City, OK 73110

Was nice until I found out the complex has a bed bug issue! Not good considering the ventilation systems in the apartments are connected. To make matters worse I'm getting charged almost $400 for treatments after finding one bed bug. If I was the cause of the infestation I would not have a problem paying for the treatments, but after hearing of other residents complain, combined with the fact that I've only seen one in almost a year, I don't understand how I'm being held responsible. There are no washer and dryer hookups so you're also at risk every time you wash or dry on property. I understand bed bugs are a more common problem than before, but charging tenants for things they're not responsible for doesn't sit well with me. After reviewing my lease, they do mention that you'll be charged in this event. Proof to me that they already knew this problem existed. I thought I would be here for multiple years but will definitely not be renewing after this.

Coachlight Apartments - Midwest City, OK 73110

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