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Pest Spotlight: Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are oval in shape with a flat body and a short, broad head. Shaped similar to an apple seed, adults are approximately 3/16 (4 to 5mm) long.

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Ask The Expert: How Do Pheromone Traps Work?

Pheromones are natural compounds that are created in the body of an insect. Insects use pheromones to communicate with each other. We have isolated many of these compounds in the laboratory and use them to lure the insects into a sticky trap.

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Pest Spotlight: German Cockroach

German cockroachesare becoming the most common household insect within the United States and Canada. This pest typically infests kitchens and bathrooms but will live anywhere inside heated structures for food, water and harbourage.

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DIY: Live Trapping

Sometimes you want to do it yourself and thats great, but its important to remember that trapping live wild animals without the proper training and experience may lead to failure.

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Pest Spotlight: House Mouse

The house mouse often lives in close association with humans and therefore is termed one of the commensal rodents along with Norway and roof rats.

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Advice for Rodent Control

To eliminate and control rats and mice, you need the right information and the proper tools.

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5 Tips For Catching Mice and Rats

Each fall mice and rats are on everyones mind as when the weather changes these pests are trying to get into your house, business, cottage, camper, shed, garage or any place they can survive the winter with a food source.

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