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Ants A general description of ant pests and their life cycle. Ant nest photos Carpenter ants Description, life cycle, prevention, questions and answers. Getting rid of Carpenter ants. Many ants can be controlled withpoisonous bait but don'twaste your money trying topoison this species. This page will help you understand Canada's most common pests. Digital Microscope photos of carpenter ants. Questions and Answers about carpenter ants and other pests. Thatching Ants Pharaoh Ants

Bed Bugs Spreading rapidly around the world again, this bug may be your next uninvited guest.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs Everything you need to know to prevent, identify and control this pest making a comeback.

Bees(Wild)Sometimes they can be a pest, but rarely are theydangerous if left alone.Wild bees are a very beneficial insect.Readsome other interesting facts aboutthem on this page. Orchard Bees

Bees, Hornets and Wasps How to identify and control. Make a cheap, effective wasp trap.


Box Elder Bugs:

Carpenter ants

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