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Question: Identifying and Getting Rid of Small Brown Bugs

I have been seeing these small brown bugs in my apartment. Now I have found them in my bed. They are small thin brown bugs and when I smash them they ooze brown stuff. They are not bed bugs. How can I find out what they are and how to get rid of them?

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Put some in a plastic bag. Seal well. Take to your local health department or even a garden center. Don't crush them.

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If I ere you I would follow Judy's advise, or go to an exterminator, especially if they have a diy exterminator shop in your area. Many exterminators actually give a free consult.

Aside from that, websites like this can help you find out what they are. http://www.inse rg/true-bugs.asp

One thing you want to make sure is that it's not a deer tick! Apparently they can resemble the thing you found. Here's a thread that discuss other types of bugs it could be http://bedbugge od-when-squished

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You can also contact your local Agricultural Agency (just Google this with your zip and you will find their web page).Send them an email with a photo and any information you have about how many are you seeing, where do you see them, when did you first see them, what happened in your home (new plants indoors, groceries, clothing changes, etc.) days before first seeing these bugs. They will also want to know their approximate size as well as at least one good close-up photo.

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Take them and a photo to your local state university extension. Master Gardeners have training in identifying bugs. Find your local extension and call them.

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I would recommend your local extension office, or you local ffa/ag instructor at the high school. You said you were in an apartment. Unless you own the building, that would indicate you have a landlord.

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Try using plain salt and spreading it into your carpet after a deep vacuum and don't vacuum again for a couple weeks to get it deep into your carpet it should be fairly heavy to get good coverage .this will dry out any bugs fleas etc and dehydrate eggs so they can't hatch you can also use use a solution of boiled cloves or eucalyptus oil for surfaces .it's a natural deterrent for all types of insects including mosquitos and non toxic .I would never spray cclove where pets can get it on there skin though because it's a natural analgesic that could cause numbing . Add a little more salt each week for a couple weeks and let it sink in it may feel and look weird until it settles but after about a month ANYTHING living in your house and their eggs should be history. Then vacuum real good and repeat as needed .

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Get you phone and get a good zoomed pic and Google it's description under identify bugs native or commonly found in your state and narrow. It. Down to images into you see the ones that look like yours then click on go to website you'll find out exactly what is bit try my salt remedy and since you are in an apt it's illegally your landlords duty to rid the building of invasive insects unless they are fleas from you pets in which case the salt is a totally green and nontoxic early besides bombing the house to get rid of them and their eggs.

Does anyone know what this bug is? I found it on the towel and I noticed there's one in our bathroom sink dead. It's brown. Please help. It's not a bed bug, right?

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The picture of the bug is too small to identify. A bed bug is a bit larger and fatter than this bug. It would help to know your city and state and the date of your picture.

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I found this this week. I live in toronto, ontario, canada

I found some bugs in my son's bedding today. I was afraid they were bed bugs, but after looking at some pics I am pretty sure they are not. I would still like to know what they are.

They are about 4mm long, elongated, dark brown on the ends and light brown or cream in the middle, but they are not segmented. They have a lot of legs. They kind of remind me of a pill bug, but much smaller and a different color, or maybe a weevil, but I did not find them around food. Please help.


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Except for the size, they might be carpet beetles. You don't mention where you live, and that could narrow it down a little.

Good luck!

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Thanks. They do look like the carpet beetle larvae pictures I found. I put the three I found in a jar and am going to try to feed them until they mature to make sure that is what they are. In the meantime, I will be cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. 🙂

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If they have more than 6 legs, they are not insects but another sort of critter. Spiders and mites have 8 legs, but I am pretty sure they all have a spidery look to them. If it has more than 8 legs, it is a millipede or centipede of some sort. If they have legs, they are not a larva, but are an adult critter of some sort.

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Hello again, I just looked up carpet beetles, and saw the pictures of the larva. I can see why, if this is what you had, you would call the "hairs" legs, as they look like that although they are not really legs. Here is the link to the site that I found that gives some good info about them. We do not have them here in Saskatchewan, thank goodness.http://www.bugc arpet_beetle.htm

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Still feeding the little buggers. I live in Arkansas, and we have Crepe Myrtles, there are a lot in this area. I found some info on Carpet Beetles and it seems they like Crepe Myrtles, so I guess it is inevitable that we would have a few.

Does anyone know what these are? They are little brown bugs that look kind of like beetles. They have wings and I think they come in through the back door. They tend to stay in the kitchen and have never been spotted upstairs.

By Megan from OH

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Probably either cigarette beetles or drugstore beetles coming from pantry food; crackers, biscuit mix, even dry dog food. Usually something that is old and been around awhile.

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Pantry bugs. I had a horrible infestation years ago in our apartment. You'll need to throw out all flour and pasta items you may have in there. Once your pantry is empty, you can spray insecticide (roach spray will do) to kill them. Scrub the pantry thoroughly with soap and water. It's a good idea to store your pasta items and flour in plastic containers to prevent them to from getting into your food again.

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I think this what we call stink bugs. I am infested with them this past summer and this winter . If you squash them, they stink real bad. I don't know how to get rid of them. Help from anyone.

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l tried Cedarcide on some ants last summer and was happy to get rid of that problem. It was really annoying the way they crawled onto the windowsill and onto my computer. I just sprayed the windowsill and window and they stopped coming and some died as I sprayed them.

It's supposed to be good for all insects. Haven't had a chance to use it on any other bugs. It is completely non-toxic to people. I ordered it over the internet because I heard an ad on the radio. It's good for use on everything except plants.

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