For years dogs have been used as trained scent detectors and they are now hard at work helping us fight the battle against bed bugs. With their incredibly sensitive nose and the training we give them, our dogs are able to detect bed bugs with amazing accuracy. We train and certify our dogs on live bed bugs and viable eggs. This means they can tell the difference between live and dead bed bugs and also the cast off skin and feces bed bugs leave behind.

Our bed bug dogs are much faster, more reliable and are far more accurate than conventional methods. The single biggest advantage is their increased accuracy and efficiency over human detection. This can only be achieved when our dogs are paired with our top notch handlers.

The trained inspection team will sweep the room with the handler guiding the dog to every applicable location for detection. Our dogs have been trained to alert for live bed bugs or viable bed bug eggs. After an alert the handler will manually inspect to verify the bed bugs and show them to you.

Our bed bug dogs can inspect rooms in minutes saving you time and money when compared to the hours that a visual inspection by a human can take. Our teams will quickly tell you if any of your rooms are home to bed bugs and if so which ones. This quick and early detection can prevent infestations and ensures that treatment safe only performed in the necessary areas.

Bed bug dogs can be used in many creative ways - detecting bugs in taxis, trains, airplanes, hotels, manufacturing plants and many more places. Before we recommend a program we usually require a tour of most properties.

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