Allergo-Medik, Canadian manufacturer of Medical-grade Anti …

At Allergo Medik we have a complete range of anti dust mite and bed bug covers for mattresses, pillows, and duvets to meet your needs and budget.

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Do you suffer from rhinitis, conjunctivitis, sinusitis, asthma, or eczema? These ailments are often allergic reactions. And when they are, theres a fifty-fifty chance that dust mites are the problem.

Dust mites are microscopic spiders that live in our mattresses by the millions. A single dust mite produces 200 times its body weight in waste in the course of its life span. When you flop onto your bed, thousands of these fecal particles are propelled into the air, often sparking uncomfortable symptoms if you are allergic.

Bed covers are the first line of defense against these invisible enemies. Many covers labeled as dust mite products are of questionable effectiveness. But at Allergo Medik, dust mite covers are our specialty. Laboratory tests show our covers are highly effective and an excellent value.

Our covers are also adapted to guard against bed bug infestations, a real danger! The rate of bed bug infestations is on the rise and is an increasing concern for apartment building owners and hotel managers. Good covers designed to fight this problem have their place in an integrated pest management strategy. They are a necessary part of the solution and can spare you the expense of buying new mattresses.

Fully waterproof and stain resistant, our Medik Elite mattress covers protect mattresses from liquid spills. This prolongs their lifespan, which can mean considerable long-term savings for hotels.

In business since 1995, Allergo Medik has earned the trust of numerous Quebec allergists, pulmonologists, dermatologists, ENT doctors, pediatricians and other specialiststhe direct result of an every-growing number of satisfied patients. From its inception Allergo Medik has brought relief to thousands of allergy sufferers.

We are honored to be considered by medical professionals as credible partners in the fight against allergies. As partners, not only can we provide products meeting the needs of dust mite allergy sufferers, we can also assist doctors in informing and raising awareness among patients.

Through this website we look to do an even better job providing solutions and first class service to allergy sufferers and those dealing with bed bug problems.

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Allergo-Medik, Canadian manufacturer of Medical-grade Anti ...

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