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Anissa is absolutely amazing! We toured an apartment today and were so happy with Anissa,she was amazing! I'm helping my dad look for a place and she had me wanting to move myself here just for her!

I've been at Advenir for three years now and I think it's a great place! The apartments are in good shape, the grounds are well-kept and the staff in the office have always been welcoming to me. The maintenance staff are also wonderful. They have a quick turnaround and care about good customer service, which is more than I can say for some other places I've lived. If you're looking for a reasonably priced place to live, check out Advenir at Cherry Creek South!

Great place to live! Office staff are always nice and helpful. Never had to wait long for maintenance, they show up the same day. I have lived at this property for 7 months now and love it. Made a good choice.

Do you like getting Bitten on the daily well advenir is the place to be this place has roaches bed bugs rats come on down to advier this is the perfect place to be with every single bug you can think of these creatures will show you a warm welcome and they won't be shy to be coming out and make an infestation of your home worst possible place to live and this is the second advenir i lived at the firat one had bed bugs so we moved this place has roaches everywhere spraying didnt work

Claimed it was move in ready but we didn't have a working stove for 2 weeks before they fixed it even though it was considered an emergency. Hot tub is not open year round and overpriced for the quality. Plus all dumpsters of the complex have a rat problem

I have lived here 6 months been over charged 3 times. These apartments are infested with bed bug I always see people move out and leave their mattresses and couches. The office don't know what their doing they never answer the phone. When theirs a problem and tenants are complaining I seen them close the door and not answer the calls. I need fixes like twice a month and my apartment has been treated for bug bug since the day after I moved in.

This is the worst apartment complex I have ever lived in. First off we moved in and found out there is BED BUGS, management is just awful, they are rude and never get anything fixed. Today I came home to find that the bug guy that had spray my house ripped off the lining on my bed frame, are you serious!??! Brand new bed and now I have to buy a new lining. Who rips apart someone's bed!? Was told by a professional that the lining keeps bugs out of your bed and now it is exposed for bugs. I can not wait until this year is over to move out of this horribly ran establishment. Do not move into these apartments, the cheap rent is not worth all the Bullshit that you have to deal with.

Moving to these apartments was a huge mistake I cant wait till my lease is up the office never helps people or answers questions on over billing they don't fix it either. maintenance takes so long for any help I been waiting over 4 week for my patio door to be fixed but this is usual. I have had to contact the BBB for help, the office just ignore them too. Please read the review before moving in this is not worth it. Also the worker in the office has posted good reviews he does live here but they didn't show up till he started working in the office. Don't be fooled by the looks, these apartments they are old and they need work, work that don't get done when something needs to be fixed.

DO NOT RENT FROM ADVENIR!! I have been a tenet at Advenir at Cherry Creek South for 4 months and it has been one ordeal after another. The complex is poorly maintained, their maintenance staff has no idea what they're doing, and the office management is both incompetent and extremely volatile. First off there is trash constantly scattered around the grounds, I've seen rats around the complex and can only assume that they drag trash out of the dumpsters, however maintenance has done nothing about the rats and rarely picks up around the grounds. The dumpsters are often over flowing and furniture will sit outside for days or sometimes weeks before anyone comes to haul it away. The structures themselves are in poor shape as well. There is a large hole in the exterior wall of one of the buildings which no one seems inclined to fix, there was a bench ripped off one of the picnic tables and now a rusty, sharp arm it was attached too juts out dangerously. And then there are the issues we have had inside our apartment. I have been without hot water twice in the 4 months I have lived here, even though they claimed the water heater was replaced after the first incident. We have a toilet that has been having regular backups and yet they have never pulled the unit out to snake the drain. Our air conditioner was unusable for 10 days in June causing a health hazard to myself and my pets. We also have a bed bug infestation which has been active since May. The number of mattresses I've seen in the dumpsters and reports from neighbors confirm that this is a complex wide problem. This brings be to the incompetence of maintenance staff. For example, the issue with the AC was caused by an electrical issue in the wall socket. When Andy (head maintenance) first came to look at the problem he did not check the outlet, and decided the issue was the unit. He told me that the part was on backorder and that he had no idea when he could fix the unit. When I brought up warrantee of habitability and asked what they were going to do to make our apartment livable until they could fix the AC, Andy told me "go buy some fans." We did so and asked to be reimbursed for them from the management. During this conversation Rachel (office manager) said that they had a unit they could put in that day. Meaning they lied about the part they needed being on back order. When Andy finally showed back up to fix it a week later, he discovered it was the outlet. An electrician had to be called. It took 10 days to fix an issue that could have easily been resolved had Andy done his job properly during his first visit. Speaking of not doing your job properly, the extermination company they have been using has not been able to adequately treat the bed bugs. First of all, they initially only scheduled us for one spray, when I complained that the bugs were still and issue we were scheduled for more sprays and told that it usually takes 4 sprays to knock out and infestation. So why only schedule us for one initially? We have been complying with all the instructions we were given about how to prepare for a spray for the last two months. Only after consulting with another extermination company did I discover that the instructions we were given were incomplete and that's most likely why the infestation is out of control. I even went out and bought a new mattress and due to the inadequacy of their exterminator even the brand new bed became infested. I have scars on my arms from the bed bug bites, that's how numerous and constant they are. I am a freelance model and lost a job because of the condition my skin is in due to the bites. The incompetence of maintenance staff has ended up being extremely costly to me. Speaking of incompetence, I don't even know where to begin detailing the failures of the leasing office staff. First of all, we signed our lease before Advenir took over this property in January, we moved in February. The new staff had lost our lease. I had to provide them with a copy. Then they had the wrong lease length entered into their system, thinking we had a 12month instead of a 6month. They failed to apply a move in special credit to our rent the first month, caught the mistake a few months later and applied the credit. Their automatic billing statements are almost always incorrect and I've had to go in and have my bill explained to me every month since we've moved in. One employee in particular, Chase, is always rude, condescending, and dismissive. There was one incident where he even became physical and pushed me. We have made multiple complaints about his behavior to upper management and have gotten no response. Rachel the manager most likely encourages Chase's behavior because it mirrors her own. She has no interest in solving problems for her tenets and has often told me "I'll check into it and give you a call/email" only to never make another attempt to contact me. She fails to notify us of workers coming into our apartment then tries to charge us

If there was a way to not give them a star at all definitely would since I moved into this place the office staff does not return phone calls don't know what your utilities are the fees that they initially tell you that your pain increase Rats the size of dogs all over the parking lot dog poop all over maintenance is not existing they've been saying they're going to update their gym facilities for a year once they get you moved in you're not a concern anymore they don't tell you exactly how much the rent and utilities are and then try to have you pay late charges on a bill you never received I'm so happy my lease is almost up I would never recommend this place to anyone

They took over management about half way thru my year lease an it has been nothing but problems. They accept packages in the office but do not make sure they are giving them to the correct people. They gave away our package an tried to blame it on us and said it wasn't their responsibility. If you sign for someone's mail is your responsibility if it lost or misplaced. Lucky for us it was just a product the company was happy to replace free of charge. Had it been a personal item that could not be replaced things would have escalated. Numerous papers I have received from the office have been dated at least a week ago an unsigned by the manager Rachel. The water turns cold in the shower constantly and we are also having problems with cockroaches, nothing has been taken care of after numerous complaints. I can't wait to leave in September. I have lived in quite a few complexes over the years but the management here is by far the worst I have ever experienced. DO NOT MOVE HERE.

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