i got bug bites – Review of Sherwood Motel, Charlottetown …

This place was very old and very dirty, but there are many other reviews online that talk about that particular issue, so I'll focus on something else.

On my recent stay, I got 8-10 bug bites from this place. Since I am not an expert/doctor I cannot tell whether they are bedbug bites or not, But this bug bites, whatever they are, left big deep red marks on my legs, and definitely not mosquito bites.

When i notified of the owner that they might have bedbugs, I thought I was doing them a favor, and I thought they'd thank me and take some precautionary measures. Instead, the owner became furious and started shouting at me that I was lying. It was unbelievable.

To my disbelief, the owner then showed how low a person could really become by refusing to give back my bag and told me she would not give back my bag unless I write them a letter saying I can't find a bedbug in the room. (worthy of World's Worst 100 Vacation Nightmares)

Now, how was I supposed to find tiny bugs with naked eyes, in a carpeted room with much upholstery? There is a reason that people use specially trained dogs for that purpose.

Bed bugs or any other bug bites don't necessarily mean that the place is horrible or sub-standard. They can happen anywhere. E.g. Waldorf Astoria is being sued for bedbugs. They travel with travelers and there isn't much you can do when a guest brings a bedbug/other pests with him to your motel/hotel/inn, etc.

However, if the owner starts shouting at you and demand that you find her a proof of bed bugs when a guest notifies her a potential issue, in my opinion, that is a lot worse than really having bedbugs.

If you are considering this place because of its low price, do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY.

Also, it appears they make beds but don't provide clean bedding between consecutive nights. it's either that or they did a horrible job in cleaning.

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i got bug bites - Review of Sherwood Motel, Charlottetown ...

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