Get Rid of Bed Bugs at AMC Empire 25 –

AMC Empire 25 appears to be infested with bed bugs yet again.

The bed bug scare appeared at AMC Empire 25 in 2010, it returned in 2011 and returned again in 2015 - now it is back again in 2017. Yet, their exterminator claims that there were no bed bugs? How, if a woman posted pictures of them?

Over and over, throughout the years people were bit by bed bugs at this theater.

Bed bugs bite. And removing them from a home can cost thousands. Getting bed bugs into a house or apartment can literally ruin lives and cost people their life savings. Many patrons are not aware of that or their presence when they visit AMC Empire 25.

So AMC Empire 25 shall do one of two possible things:

1. Put up a giant sign on their front doors saying "THIS THEATER HAS BEDBUGS"

or, and this is preferred,

2. renovate just like AMC Kips Bay 15 or AMC Village 7 did.

or, and this is very pragmatic,

3. Hire additional exterminators, as your current one doesn't seem to be doing his job properly. Hire a second or third or even fourth one. A lady posted pictures of a bed bug and your exterminator told you that there were none? That is very, very hard to believe.

But remaining the way it is now is simply putting customers into dangerous positions often without their knowledge.

This constant bed bug scare at AMC Empire 25 needs to end.

UPDATE 10/12/2017: Thanks to the Gothamist for shining attention to the issue:

AMC claims there are no bed bugs because their third-party exterminator allegedly received negative results at the night of the complaints. Well, this might then be a great opportunity to hire another exterminator. The newest pictures literally showed a bug in the theater, which was identified by an expert on bed bugs to be around 8 weeks old. Maybe a second or third exterminator would be a good idea. Because since 2010, their exterminator apparently hasn't been doing his job right.

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