P Bello - 7 hours ago Here in the US the learning curve has been greatly reduced and increasingly more professional companies are now capable of attaining 100% control with their initial service visit.

Around the rest of the world the learning curve has been addressed through the development of standards which are independent of vested interests and developed to meet the needs of all parties from professionals to home owners and those int he hospitality industry. The US approach of attempting this has not been open and transparent and is widely considered to be something of a joke by the rest of the world.

If as you say more companies are getting 100% control first time then I look forward to the day when the spread of bedbugs starts to reduce but I will not hold my breath for that day.

P Bello - 7 hours ago You continue to site chemical applications and other factors as causation of population dispersal however, it is impossible for a population of zero to disperse.

I continue to see spread of bedbugs as a result of overuse of chemical based products both on a self-treatment and professional basis. Yes its impossible for a population of zero to disperse but its also true that if a population is zero there is no need to use the chemicals either. As chemicals generally take longer than other methods if there are non then no chemicals are needed.

P Bello - 7 hours ago Those who are implementing comprehensive and thorough service protocols are having no problems in resolving bed bug problems for their customers. You're also ignoring Dr. Mike Potter's publication (PCT Magazine) where those pest professionals who had "older chemistries" (i.e. OPs, carbamates & others) available for use in their countries reported bed bug infestations were resolved with little trouble at all using chemical applications.

In countries where carbamates are being extensively used we see extensive issues associated with their use. The most commonly used product in the UK is a carbamate. Your belief that a better chemistry is what is needed also flies in the face of what you are saying about 100% control. They are simply not the best tools to use to do the job with and rather than seeking to build a super-bug completely tolerant to all products we should focus on finding better ways to work.

P Bello - 7 hours ago Overly broad statements inherently cannot successfully address the various exceptions. And, despite the willingness of others to describe and explain viable service protocols on this forum and others, your responses are noticeably weak regarding the "how to" aspects and details of actual bed bug control.

As I stated before our approach is dictated by the circumstances we see in front of us. If you don't make a more specific example that is all I can say as you have not given me enough to work with. With regards broad statements you may want to review your posting past before lambasting others.

P Bello - 7 hours ago This is not rocket science and there are no secrets to doing this work successfully.

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