Fighting Bed Bugs at the Cabell County Library

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Cabell County Library manager Judy Rule would be content to just read to kids, but lately her duties have also included pest control.

"They're nasty little creatures, she said. We certainly don't want to take them home with us."

Rule says over the past few months, patrons returned six books with bed bugs within the pages.

Those people are banned from checking out any more items until they can show they've done something at their homes to get rid of the bed bugs.

"Apartments that are not being sprayed professionally seem to be the ones that are more affected," Rule said.

A spokesperson with the Cabell Huntington Health Department says bed bugs do not carry diseases, but they do like tight places and human blood.

Rule says her staff has been checking each book as they're returned to make sure there's no residue or bugs.

They're also using sticky strips to try to catch the tiny pests. So far, only a couple have turned up.

If a book is returned that is thought to be questionable, its placed in a bug zapping box in a back room.

"It's something to be concerned about, circulation specialist Jason Roach said. It's certainly not something to be paranoid about."

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Fighting Bed Bugs at the Cabell County Library

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