Does Harris Egg Kill Bed Bug Spray work? Got Bed Bugs …

Can "Harris Egg Kill Bed Bug Spray" really kill the bed bug eggs?

Here is a bit of our situation:

- Our exterminator is highly questionable, but we are tenants and therefore have no say in the PCO choice. He told us only that he's using Suspend SC. He also told us that he's only going to spray every 3 weeks.

- We have researched this, and all of the sources, including an entomologist at a prestigious university whom we E-mailed, tell us that the exterminator should be spraying every 10 - 14 days.

- Since we don't really trust this PCO, we've also started dusting the baseboards of our house with DE. Our PCO doesn't know about this (we remove all traces of it before he comes).

- During the last few days (before the "three week" fumigation was due), one of us awoke with at least 5 different areas of bites, hence the urgency of our question.

Because of our PCO's "three weeks" fumigation policy, we're paranoid about the bed bug eggs hatching and about the nymphs.

Has anyone had any experience with "Harris Egg Kill Bed Bug Spray"? Does it just drive them into the walls, where they will hibernate and come out to cover us in painful, swelling bites later?

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Does Harris Egg Kill Bed Bug Spray work? Got Bed Bugs ...

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